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Transform your Minecraft world with Exline's Furniture Mod, where comfort meets creativity! Dive into a realm where every block and item is meticulously designed to enhance your living spaces, both indoor and out. From the cozy corners of your cottage to the bustling heart of your city, this mod brings a touch of realism and a dash of elegance to your game.

Key Features:

Versatile Furniture: Choose from a wide range of furniture pieces, including chairs of all wood types and vibrant wool colors, tables that compliment any asethetic, and decorative drapes that add a layer of sophistication.

Interactive Decor: Engage with your enviornment like never before. Sit back in cushioned chairs, toggle lights and TVs, and interact with a variety of kitchen appliances that bring your home to life.

Outdoor Enhancements: Elevate your garden with bird baths crafted from bricks or stone, and relax in stylish Adirondack chairs that beckon you to enjoy the sunset.

Seasonal Updates: Keep your world in sync with the seasons, thanks to thematic updates that introduce festive decorations and spooky elements to celebrate special occasions.

Server Compatibility: Share the joy of a beautiful furnished space with friends. This mod works seamlessly on servers, allowing you to socialize in style.

With Exline's Furniture Mod, every block is an opportunity to express yourself and create the perfect ambiance for your adventures. Whether you're decorating a quaint village home or a grandiose castle, this mod adds layers of depth and personality to your Minecraft experience.

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     Chairs, off all wood types and wool colors. Now you can also just add 2 carpets to a chair to craft a cushioned chair. Sit in a chair by right clicking it with nothing in your hand. Left shift to dismount. Made from wooden slabs and sticks. Carpet is added for a cushion.

 Froggy Chairs

     Craft different color froggy chairs by using different color carpet and concrete. Must use same colors concrete and carpet to make that color of froggy chair. 

  Adirondack Chairs

Newly added wooden chair that looks great outside. Made from wooden slabs and sticks.   

Tables of all types of wood, not just oak. Made with wood slabs and sticks. Also, glass tables that look a little fancier. Made with same materials and a glass pane. 

Drapes of all colors that can opened and closed. Made from any one color of wool and a stick. When opened, the drapes can be interacted through. So, if you have a sliding window behind the drapes, you can open it as well. Made from wool and a stick.

A few windows, one can be opened and closed. Craft-able with any type of planks 

Kitchen Decorations

Faucet - Faucet for decoration, if placed on cauldron, can be turned on.

Toaster - Toaster for decoration, pop up and lower toast. Just for decoration purposes.

 Oven and Fridge - More decorations for your kitchen! They only open and close and do not cook or store things for now.  

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans need power to be turned on, and can be activated by right clicking on them. There are 3 modes; off, low speed and high speed.

 Retro TV and Old TV

TVs need power and can be switched between several 'channels,' by right clicking the TV.  

 Bird Baths

Another decoration for your garden. Made from bricks or stone bricks. 

 Flower Arrangements

Four different arrangements to make right now. Three different flowers in each one. Use specific flowers for each arrangement. 


Someone left the torlet seat up again.bHold shift while right clicking on the toilet to lift and lower the seat cover.bYou can sit on the toilet with the cover up or down. 

 Spooky Update!

This update adds some spooky decorations: Zombie Arm Decoration, Husk Arm Decoration, Spider Doll, Cave Spider Doll, Skeleton Doll, Wither Skeleton Doll, Gravestone, and Webbed Windows

Lamps - Can be turned on and off, no need to connect power as it has an internal source!

Dressers - Just for looks and does not open on Forge, however Fabric version does work.

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Beware of imposter websites, like 9Minecraft.

I only upload to CurseForge and Modrinth now, although some of my old mods are still on PlanetMinecraft. Do not download any of my mods (or any mod) from sites like this, it is not safe and no one has permission to upload another persons work anyways. Stay safe and spread the word, report sites like this when and if you can, thank you all for your support!