📖About Excessive Building📖

Excessive Building is a building mod that aims to improve the user's experience by introducing a plethora of new ways to build that maintain the "vanilla" feel. Some features may not be available in older versions of the mod as I am aiming to only maintain the latest major version.

Feel free to use in modpacks!

Backports of the latest building tools and blocks from snapshots. (these will be removed when officially added but will remain in older versions of the mod)

New Building Blocks - these include mosaic planks, cobblestone bricks, brimstone, and much more! (a look at some blocks in the image below)

Vertical Stairs - these are a new block variant for any block with stair variants (great for making smoother corners or circular builds!)

Biomes - Three new biomes can be found in the Overworld, the maple forest which houses a new type of wood and the golden birch biome which is a new take on the birch biome! (only available with Terrablender)

Geodes - Three new geodes can be found in the Overworld & Nether which house special crystal blocks. (Miralen geodes which can be found in mountain biomes and fiery geodes found deep underground and kyanite geodes found up by the bedrock roof of the Nether)

Paintings - 20+ new paintings created by members of the community!

Crafting Table Variants - these act just like crafting tables but with unique textures instead of simple recolors.

Misc - New glass and light blocks have been added aswell as terracotta pots that can be filled with dirt, and much more!


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Q: Will there be a port to X version?
A: I do not have any plans to port to any older versions of Minecraft however I will try to keep the mod up to date with the latest Minecraft version

Q: What does X feature do?
A: You can learn more about the mod here at the wiki, do note that the wiki may not always be up to date


Q: I have X issue/bug I want to report, where can I do that?
A: You can either leave bug reports on the CurseForge page or preferably GitHub, please make sure to follow the VERY basic guidelines for posts though


Q: I have a suggestion mod, where can I leave it?
A: You can leave suggestions for the mod in our Discord server, please make sure to follow the VERY basic guidelines for posts though


Q: I want to support you, how can I?
A: You can support me via my Ko-Fi, any donation is appreciated and you will be rewarded a cape & some other benefits in return (Do note that capes will not be granted until the mod updates so please take that into consideration if you are donating purely for the cape. Updates will at the minimum will be once a month)