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Ex Sartagine  
Ex Sartagine is a mod about a Frying Pan.   
Ex Sartagine literally means : out of / from the frying pan  
What advantages it brings :   
- No need for coal
- cooks faster than a regular furnace
- looks better then two furnaces on top of each other
- average higher experience yield then a regular furnace
- can only be placed on a furnace  
Disadvantages it has :  
- Needs to be mined with a pickaxe
- can only cook food
- can only be placed on top of a furnace   
Future Plans  
I'm planning on adding ~~a pot especially for smelting ores the same fashion as the frying pan~~, and maybe a cooking pot with addition of boiled eggs / boiled potatoes / more soup. 

The Future is now !

Cooking Pot

Cooking Range



Crafting Recipes





Visit the official Wiki for more info about the blocks !



IMPORTANT : Ex Sartagine requiers SubLib "sublib-1.11-" or up !



Note for developpers :

Just like many other food mods, this mod adds OreDictionairy entries to register foods.

here's a list of all the items I register to the oredictionairy :

OreDictionary.registerOre("egg", boiled_egg);
OreDictionary.registerOre("ingredientEgg", boiled_egg);
OreDictionary.registerOre("cropVegetable", boiled_potato);
OreDictionary.registerOre("cropVegetable", boiled_beans);
OreDictionary.registerOre("foodFlour", flour);
OreDictionary.registerOre("dustFlour", flour);
OreDictionary.registerOre("dustSalt", salt);
OreDictionary.registerOre("itemCheese", curd);
OreDictionary.registerOre("ingredientCheese", curd);
OreDictionary.registerOre("itemYeast", yeast);
OreDictionary.registerOre("foodDough", dough);
OreDictionary.registerOre("foodDoughFlat", pizza_dough);
OreDictionary.registerOre("foodDoughBread", bread_dough);




If you wish to add recipes or make a plugin / addon for the Cooking Pot,

Sublib and Sublib sources are available @



you can then use :

PotRecipes.getInstance().addRecipe((ItemStack) input, (ItemStack) output); anywhere in your code to register a recipe !