Ex Nihilo

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Uploaded Aug 24, 2014
Game Version 1.7.10
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- Updated Forestry compatibilty to not crash with v3.0.
- Restored compatibility with Magic Bees and Extra Bees.
- Wintry bees and Attuned bees no longer need flowers.
- Mystical, Sorcerous, and Unusual bees want to settle near gourds instead of flowers now. (because pumpkins = magic?)
- All bees should be slightly less picky about where they live.
- Bees now recognize potted plants as valid flowers (and cactus, and mushrooms).
- Blazing Pyrotheum is recognized as a valid heat source for the crucible
- Ex Nihilo ores can now be melted in the Tinkers Construct smeltery.
- Added AE2 Charged Certus Quartz to the sieve. Look for it in sand. It's extremely rare though, so be prepared to be at it for a while.
- Added a barrel recipe for AE2 Sky Stone (lava + certus quartz dust).
- Fixed a typo in the localization for Crushed End Stone.