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Get it on Modrinth: Evocation & Annihilation - Minecraft Mod (modrinth.com)


I recommed not to put this in a big modpack because it may couse frequent crashes. Fixes are unfortunately not possible and this mod is unsupported.


Evocation and Annihilation adds new content related to Illagers and Villagers, including

a new cursing table, a new totem, a new Illager and more!



The mod adds 3 brand new curses to the game. These, along with Curse of Vanishing,

can be applied to a sword or an axe in the cursing table. There's also a small chance it'll apply mending.

The new curses include:

Curse of Electrifying | Powerful | Randomly strikes lightning on the target or yourself when attacking

Curse of Rampaging | Beneficial | Randomly gives strength 3, hunger 3 and nausea

Curse of Losing | Bad | When dropping your item on the ground there's a chance it will disappear

Curse of Explosions | Powerful | Randomly creates explosions when attacking



In this mod there's currently 2 mobs, with more to come. These new mobs include:

The Cultist | Illager | Summons Imps, fires fireballs and uses ender pearls to attack players and villagers

The Imp | ??? | Small and evil creatures that attack players and villagers using their trident




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Can I use this in a modpack? | Yes

Can I redistribute this mod (on another website)? | Yes, but be sure to follow the AFL 3.0 Licence.

Fabric? | Maybe

Mcreator? | Using Mcreator had no impact on the qualty of the mod.

Backport to X version? | No I have a live (sort of)

Where's 1.19.2? | Will update soon.