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For the versions using Minecraft 1.8 or higher, this requires the Cyclops Core library!

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Additional info: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2403603-164forge-evilcraft-open-source/

EvilCraft is a magic/technical mod that is based on somewhat evil things. Throughout the game you will discover an ancient source of evil. These powers can be used in various technological advancements to initiate a second age of evilness. 


If you have suggestions how we could improve our mod or any additions
you might want to see in the future, they can also be posted on our issue tracker.
Furthermore, this mod is an open-source mod, so if you want to contribute you can find us on https://github.com/rubensworks/EvilCraft. You can also contact kroeser directly on https://twitter.com/kroesermc.


Getting Started

To get started with this mod you will need to mine at least one Dark Ore with an Iron Pickaxe or higher to obtain a Dark Gem. You will also need a regular Book, it will soon contain all the information about this mod.

1. Craft a Darkened Apple

2. Find a meaningless animal

3. Feed it the Darkened Apple and watch it die

4. Quickly throw the Book into the resulting anomaly

5. Feast on the knowledge, and animal leftovers


A Web version of the resulting book can be found here.



In this section, some of the features are showcased. All of them are explained in detail in the ingame manual.


Blood-based Machinery

Blood can be obtained manually by slaying mobs, or through more advanced machinery.


Infuse certain items with blood using the Blood Infuser.


Item repairing.


Or use your Blood inside other machines, such as the Purifier, which disenchants items or collects potion effects.

Or even more advanced things...

Modular Brooms

Create fully customizable and upgradable brooms that allow you to fly around the world.


The Origins of Darkness

Everything you need to know about this mod is in here!

World Generation

Dark Gems and Crushed Dark Gems are used to craft various things in this mod.


Dark Temples contain Environmental Accumulators, which can be used for controlling the weather.


Vengeance Spirits

After mobs die, they will leave behind their (Vengeance) Spirit.


Even players have spirits!


You can collect these spirits inside boxes.


Vengeance Spirits are useful for a number of things, including putting them inside a Spirit Furnace for automatically obtaining their drops using some blood.


Some more Machines and Tools

Various utility tools exist in this mod.


But there are also some new and fun mobs!


Various tools for automation, such as killing mobs.


Dark Tanks hold liquids, can be upgraded to higher capacities, and can automtically export to the bottom if enabled.


Biome Extracts allow you to transform biomes.


Transport liquids anywhere you want using the Entangled Chalice.


Rejuvenated Flesh provides a blood-based source of food.


For those who like explosions, there is the Mace of Destruction.


The Exalted Crafter provides an item-based crafting method for power users.


Throw around mobs like a mad man.


Control lightningstorms.


Automate your blood collection using Undead Trees.


This mod collects anonymized startup data, this can be disabled in the config file and adheres to Minecraft's snooper settings. 


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