Everything Descriptions

Inspired by Enchantment Lore from the same developer, Everything Descriptions adds the ability to add a description to... Everything! Blocks, items, and even mobs! Simply press [i] when looking at or holding them, and you'll get a nifty little description come up written by our lovely Discord community!

Designed with the baseline intent to act as a small guide to make players utilise some of Minecraft's more obscure mechanics, Everything Descriptions is set up in such a way that one can add descriptions to any mob, block or item via addition in a lang resource pack!

Simply put... Throw a line like the following into your lang file of choice (It doesn't matter which one:)

"everydesc.[modid]:[block/item/mob]": "Description!"

... And the mod will add an info page on it for anybody to read! If you want your page to have a special background, add a line like the following matching the description line:

"everydesc.[modid]:[block/item/mob].bg": "[modid]/[name].png"

... And you're Gucci!

This mod could be a powerful tool for both modpackers, and people just trying to get their mum into Minecraft alike. I hope you like it! :D

Join our discord at: https://infernalstudios.org/discord

Video showcase/explanation: