Everything Blocks

21,781 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 14, 2016 Game Version: 1.10.2

Golden Apple Block

Make golden apple blocks! The item rarity will carry through to the block crafted.

Enchanted Book Block

Make blocks out of enchanted books, too!

Potion Block

Too many potions to fit in your chests or other storage system? No longer is that the case!

Spawn Egg Block

Is another mod dropping too many of these to store easily? The solution has arrived.


Simply decraft this block as any other block.

Blocks Placed

Here's some blocks placed in the world.

Slabs and Stairs

New to the party!

Slab Crafting

Craft slabs like you would any other slab.

Stair Crafting

Stair crafting is a bit different, where it preserves the amount of material crafted, giving you 8 stairs instead of the vanilla 4.