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Duplicated glitch with Refined Storage and Everything Blocks

#11 By  _ForgeUser27545035

Created Sep 29, 2016 Updated Oct 13, 2016


I found a glitch with Refined Storage and Everything blocks, where if you make a block of Storage Drives, then uncraft them. it will give you a stack of storage drives. then you put those in a Grid Drive (Shift Click) Then fill them up with items, and take the drives back out and separate them. each will have the same items.


Easy way to fix this is to implement a blacklist or not craft stacks when un-crafting blocks.

Please fix this fast, its a big hazzard

Oct 13, 2016

You can always disable block crafting in the config file. A case-by-case blacklist is a good idea tho.

Edited Oct 13, 2016

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