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Every Compat: Wood Good

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📖 About 📖

Tired of incomplete wood sets? Well you came to the right place!

This Mod serves as an addon to many popular mods and is meant to fill in the gaps by adding all the blocks that such mods add in all wood types currently installed.

Every block type added is available in ALL wood types.

With this mod you won't need extra compatibility addons and instead only rely on a single universal one! It's all automatic!

Additionally the mod will try to convert any block from other uninstalled compat mods into its equivalent ones.

Do I have permission to include this mod in my modpack?

Feel free to add this mod to your modpacks

Need a Sawmill that works with ANY wood block? Try out UNIVERSAL SAWMILL MOD
Universal Sawmill

🪑 Supported Blocks🪑


Supported Mods


  • 1.18.2 - 🟫
  • 1.19.2 - 🟦
  • 1.20.1 - 🟩
  • Only Available in FORGE or FABRIC or BOTH - ⬜
  • Not available - ❌
  • ❓ F. A. Q.❓


Q: How the heck does this work?
A: Magic.


Q: Is this compatible with other compat mods?
A: Yes, I've included a list of many popular compat mods. The mod will do its best not to register stuff that's already in them when they are installed


Q: I'm a mod author, could I use this mod to add support to my blocks?

A: Yes! The mod includes a very simple and easy to use API with which modders can register an entire block definition in only 10 lines! The mod will automatically generate all assets automatically


Q: Can you add support for "x" wood type?
A: Go try the mod


Q: How do I retexture X block?
A: With a resource pack like any other mod. EC just creates textures at runtime but for the game they function exactly as if loaded from a folder. To view their path turn on the debug resources config and go in the /debug folder it will generate in your instance dir


Q: A block type isnt supported, can I add it myself?
A: Not directly as registration cant be conditional and cant depend on config files. If you are a modder and know code you can make a pull request to the mod or use the EveryCompatAPI class directly in your mods (check their javadocs & mod modules for info)


Q: This mod consumes too much RAM!
A: No it doesn't. When installed on its own it is like it doesnt even exist as the mod doesnt do anything alone. Once you start adding wood-adding and furniture-adding mods however it will registerd the missing blocks, as its job to do so. Obviously go crazy with either and you'll have many blocks registered, same as installing many mods. The RAM this uses is entirely up to Your discretion.


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