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Et Futurum Requiem

"Because you shouldn't have to give up new content to experience all of the best old mods..."

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Hello! This mod is, with permission, a continuation of the original Et Futurum mod, and is based on a fork of its source code made by KryptonCaptain. This mod aims to continue where the original and its fork left off, providing a large amount of backported content for modpacks that must stay on this version for one reason or another. Whether it be nostalgia, having an old computer that can't run newer versions, or you have a world that is special to you that simply cannot be updated, Et Futurum Reqiuem tries to give you some content from new versions you'd otherwise be missing out on. So, if you're wondering, that is why I continue to develop a mod for such an old version.


This is a drop-in replacement for the old mod. It should work as a replacement. Do keep in mind though, this mod removes the old copy of the oak fence Et Futurum had and instead makes the vanilla oak fence connect to the modded ones. If you use Et Futurum's oak fence I'd advise converting it to the vanilla one first.

Notice: After the 2.6.x series of updates is finished releasing, Et Futurum Requiem will permanently be moving to Modrinth.