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[!TIP] EMI/JEI/REI is highly recommended to be installed with this mod to see all the recipes and progression!

Create Addon Based around expressing yourself, fluid handling and expanding your factory. This mod add a lot of new Items, Blocks, Mechanics and more!

Main Features

The main feature of the mod is the Estrogen Pill (And its effect)! Automated through a process of fluid handling and item processing. This might be pretty tough to get to, but the reward is great! The Estrogen Effect gives you an effect allowing you to Dash (With some hidden abilities too)!

To Dash, simply have the Estrogen Pill effect (Called Girl Power in game) and click [X], if that does not work, you may need to rebind the key in the Minecraft control settings or rebind any key that uses the same key. Then it should be smooth dashin' from there!

This mod also features a complete soundtrack that automatically plays while you have the Girl Power effect. To hear it, make sure you have your music sound category turned up!

Additional Features

This mod adds a lot of other features related to Estrogen and its production. This includes but is not limited to:

  • a new block called the Centrifuge, with a new mechanic for fluid processing which is used to make the Estrogen fluid. 🌀
  • Estrogen Patches with their own slots, allowing you to have the Estrogen Effect active for long amounts of time. 🩹
  • Some custom mechanics you may discover when dashing around! 💨
  • New Model Features for the player when Estrogen effect is active 👀
    me :3
  • A new type of cookie A new type of (musical?) cookie 😋 🍪
    Estrogen Chip Cookie
  • And many more (including some easter eggs)! 🥚

Extra information

This mod is still in development, so expect some bugs and missing features. If you find any bugs or suggestions, please report them on my discord. This mod has been inspired by the game Celeste and I would love to thank to everyone who contributed with ideas and features!

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