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 An automated chicken farm made with Essentials


Essentials expands automation and redstone in a balanced and vanilla style. 


While there's a full feature list with documentation below, here's some highlights:

  • A single block chest that remembers item types for each slot
  • Farmland that auto-replants
  • Simple and cheap item transport
  • And more...



Fertile Soil:

Fertile Soil is an aid to farming. It has 11 variants, for wheat, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, netherwart and the 6 saplings. Crops can be planted on Fertile Soil like it was farmland, and they grow as if on hydrated farmland even without water. They also cannot be trampled.


At random intervals, if there is nothing growing on top of Fertile Soil, it plants the crop corresponding to its type on itself for free, saving the trouble of replanting and enabling the automation of farming without villager.


Obsidian Cutting Kits:

Obsidian Cutting Kits are a utility for collecting obsidian quickly. Simply right click one on some obsidian to insta-mine the obsidian and destroy the Obsidian Cutting Kit. 



With a Brazier, many different things can be done. An item can be added or removed with a right click, or automation. Adding some water with a bucket makes it safe to land on the Brazier from a high height, and makes it extinguish you if you stand on it. Adding lava instead makes it set things on it on fire, so it can be used as a trash can for items that won't set the area on fire. A coal block makes it burn, letting off light, without consuming the coal. Similarly, a glowstone block also makes it glow at light level 15. More interesting than the other effects though is that if you put soul sand in it, it prevents the spawning of witches in a large area (default 32 block radius).

Sorting Hopper

The Sorting Hopper acts like a normal hopper, except it prevents items being drawn from it if the Sorting Hopper can output them. 

A column of Sorting Hoppers pointed sideways will sort out items at each layer. This pairs well with the Hopper Filter or Slotted Chest!


Speed Hopper

Acts the same as the Sorting Hopper, except it can move up to a stack of items at a time


Slotted Chest 

The Slotted Chest is a one block chest the size of a double chest, and it has a very interesting quirk. When removing an item from a slot, it leaves a ghost item behind. You can shift click into the Slotted Chest, but only if the slot the items are going to already has the matching item. To clear a ghost item, shift click it with an empty cursor. Also, automation will respect the ghost items, will only be able to insert into a slot if it already has a match and when extracting items it always leaves a ghost item behind. This allows you to format your storage chests without fear of shift clicks or automation messing it up.


Hopper Filter

Hoppers, pipes, etc. can move items through a Hopper Filter to/from a connected inventory, but only if they match the filter. A single item filter can be set by adding an item with a right click, or a multi-item filter can be set by inserting a shulker box of items to allow through. 


Item Shifter

Item Shifters have 1 inventory slot, and eject any item out the front. They can eject items into an inventory if available, or into the world if not.

A line of Transport Chutes can be attached to the front to allows ejecting items to an inventory several blocks away (default limit: 16). 

Handy for moving items cheaply and quickly, including upwards


Item Splitter

Has two versions: Basic and Redstone. Has two item outputs and can accept items from any non-output side. Cleanly splits inserted items out the two outputs by the set ratio. The Basic Item Splitter has the ratio set by shift right clicking with a wrench (options are 0/12, 1/12, 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 5/12, 1/2, 7/12, 3/4, 2/3, 5/6, 12/12), while the Redstone Item Splitter has the ratio equal to (redstone input)/15.

A compact way to divide items between two outputs



Multi-Pistons are uber-pistons that can extend up to 15 blocks, can push 64 blocks at a time, and extend instantly. They extend a distance equal to the redstone signal strength, and have a sticky variant. When pushing entities with a slimeblock, the bouncing effect is increased the farther they push, letting them launch mobs or players huge distances.



New in 2.2.0!

Circuits are redstone devices like Repeaters or Comparators that are low-lag and can do advanced logic. Place Wire Plate, and use a Circuit Wrench to convert the wire into the selected circuit (consumes Nether Quartz). Example circuits are AND, XOR, and Multiplication. Circuits that are either adjacent or connected with Wire Plate can transfer redstone values other than the vanilla 0-15 integers, including values up to 1 billion and decimals. Circuits can connect directly to vanilla redstone, and a Wire Interface circuit can connect Wire Plate with vanilla redstone. 

Circuits allow compactly and easily making advanced redstone circuitry, and make doing actual math calculations with redstone easy



Autocrafts the configured recipe every time it gets a redstone pulse. Items piped/hoppered into it will only take up one slot per item type, to not flood the entire input inventory with one ingredient. Set a recipe with the recipe book in the UI. 

Made with 2 lapis, a crafting table, and 6 iron (the recipe should show up in the recipe book when you get a workbench)


Candle Lilypad

A Candle Lilypad is a decorative block that functions as a lilypad while giving off level 14 light (torch brightness).

It's handy for lighting up farms, or for decoration


Animal Feed

Animal Feed is an animal breeding item that works on all types of livestock (cows, sheep, pigs, wolves, etc.).

It can also be used by dispensers, and is made by smelting baked potatoes, carrots, or beetroot. 

It makes fully automated animal farms possible


Wither Cannon

The Wither Cannon is a redstone block like a dropper that shoots an exploding wither skeleton skull when powered in the direction it's pointed. 

The block itself is blast resistant, and requires a nether star to craft. It's a safer alternative to a live wither for block breaking machines like quarries, treefarms, and cobblegens


Extra Recipes:

Essentials adds several extra recipes
It includes recipes for saddles and nametags, as well as a shapeless form of the piston recipe that fits in a 2x2 grid and is about equal cost. 



Join the Essentials Discord here: (Joint Essentials/Crossroads Discord)

Essentials was originally part of the Crossroads mod, but has been split off. 


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