2,264,065 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 18, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Slotted Chest

The UI of a Slotted Chest

Sorting System

A very basic sorting system made of Slotted Chests and Sorting Hoppers

Crop Field

A small field made with Fertile Soil growing potatoes and carrots. A lit Brazier is on the side

Evening River

A river decorated with (player placed) lilypads, Candle Lilypads, boats, and a few lit Braziers.

Chicken Farm

A simple chicken farm, automated with Essentials. Item Shifters with Item Chutes move eggs to the top of the farm, where eggs are sorted out by a Sorting Hopper and Item Filter to be hatched into more chickens. \ Feathers and chicken go to a chest


Circuitry in action: The lamp turns on if either both levers are off and it's not midnight or a lever is on and the light level is at least 9