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Filename essentials-1.14.4-2.6.4.jar
Uploaded by Technomancer_isTaken
Uploaded Dec 3, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 557.22 KB
Downloads 20,735
MD5 1181415be5fbfddcf6b524afb18d0934
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Java 10
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*Fixed container items being lost by the autocrafter- they now get put into the input slots
*Instead of the autocrafter only accepting 1 stack of each item type, it now accepts 1 stack PER ITEM USED IN THE RECIPE; For example, the stone pickaxe recipe now allows 3 stacks cobble and 2 stacks sticks into the input slots
*Automation (hoppers, pipes, etc) can now remove any item from the input slots that aren't allowed to be there (AKA, buckets that were put in there when crafting cakes)

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