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Environs++ adds a modest amount of biomes to the Minecraft world, all of which stay true to the vanilla style. Some of the included biomes were heavily inspired by old, removed Biomes O’ Plenty and ExtraBiomesXL biomes.


Versions before 1.0-pre2 do not work on servers. You have been warned!


Biome List (1.12.2-1.1 pre release 1):

Note: End Forests have been removed as of 1.12.2-pre1, your old worlds will break if you update.

Note: Biome weights are set to 10 currently, but a working config is planned for a later release!

  • Warm
    • Tall Oak Forest
      • Tall Oak Forest Hills
    • Tall Oak Wetland
    • Silkglades
    • Stone Flats
      • Stone Hills
    • Extreme Jungle
    • Canyon
    • Sludgepit
  • Desert
    • Dead Oak Forest
      • Dead Oak Forest Hills
    • Wasteland Spikes
      • Eroded Wasteland
    • Sandstone Ranges
  • Cool
    • Emerald Cliffs
    • Moor
    • Pine Taiga
      • Pine Taiga Hills
  • Icy
    • Icy Hills
    • Cold Pine Taiga
      • Cold Pine Taiga Hills
    • Cold Savanna
      • Cold Savanna Plateau

 Mod Compatibility:

Environs++ should work well with other biome mods such as Biomes O Plenty, Traverse, Novam Terram, and Project: Vibrant Journeys. Although I haven't tested this mod with any mods other than Biomes O' Plenty, there should not be any incompatibilities as I do not modify any base files.


Future Plans:

-Three new biomes, currently planned for 1.2

-More unique variants of vanilla biomes such as the forest and taiga

-Fixes to the config so it actually functions



Feel free to use any version of this mod in a modpack. I recommend running the mod with Quark and Traverse!



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