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Filename environmentaltech-1.10.2-0.10.5h.jar
Uploaded by ValkyrieofNight
Uploaded Nov 12, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 523.99 KB
Downloads 516,596
MD5 9a2f09b757e4265988f2f15f19ca6a37
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


Update 0.10.5h

  • Changed Void Ore Miner defualt energy costs.
  • Changed Solar Array default energy gen.
  • Changed Solar Cell block model.
  • Added more defaults to Void Ore Miner.
  • Updated zh_CN.lang

Update 0.10.5g

  • Added crafting recipe for Fire Resistance Modifier
  • Added Achievements for all modifiers
  • Added Achievements for T1 and T4 Nano Bot Beacons.
  • Changed solar arrays to output energy every tick instead of every 10 ticks.
  • Fixed bug where solar arrays would not ever generate at peak generation rate.
  • Fixed bug with tinkers knight slime tools would still take forever to mine alabaster, hardened stone and basalt.

Update 0.10.5f (WARNING!!!! This version will remove and replace machines.cfg in environmentaltech cfg folder. Backup if you want to keep your custom settings. General.cfg will allow you to toggle off the further replacement of cfg's)

  • Updated Localizations
  • Added Fire Resistance Modifier
  • Changed energy costs for Nano Bot Beacon

Update 0.10.5e

  • Fixed dupe bug.

Update 0.10.5d

  • Fix for Nano Bot Beacon not giving effects to owner when they are not in the same dimension.

Update 0.10.5c:

  • Added mica into json. (PLEASE DELETE YOUR Void Resource Miner JSON. Unless you have added mica to the json yourself)

Update 0.10.5b:

  • Hotfix for JEI integration

Update 0.10.5a:

  • Added Multiblock Assembly Complete Message
  • Machine Configs
  • added Void Miner Json based recipes.
  • Updated JEI Support
  • Fix for Nano Bot Beacon not using energy.
  • Fix for Void Miner and Ender IO rendering bug.
  • Basic information in the guide about Nano Bot Beacon.
  • Bug Fixes.

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