Enhanced Mushrooms

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Enhanced Mushrooms turns mushrooms, a usually somewhat-useless item, into a couple of brand new wood types! It also includes Quark compatibility and a new food item.

This mod requires Abnormals Core v1.0.4 or above (1.15) or v2.0.0 or above (1.16).


Want the texture overrides from 1.15 in the 1.16 versions? Check out the companion resource pack!


This mod is for Forge 1.15+ and will not be backported nor ported to Fabric. Please don't ask, you'll be ignored.


Vanilla Tweaks:

Mushroom Caps:

Mushroom blocks are now called "Mushroom Caps" and are recolored to be a bit more vibrant (only in 1.15 versions, 1.16 doesn't have these textures).

Shearable Mushroom Caps:
Mushroom caps can now be sheared like leaves. The reason this feature exists is because they're great building blocks to go along with the new wood types, and I didn't want to lock them behind silk touch.

New Mushroom Textures:
Small mushrooms have new textures to better match their larger counterparts. This is only present in 1.15 versions.
Mushroom Stem Generation:
Large mushrooms now contain the mod's custom stems. Brown mushroom stems better match the small mushroom texture. If you still have some vanilla stems lying around you can craft them into red mushroom stems.


New Features:

Improved Mushroom Stems:
Mushroom stems now work like logs. They can be placed in any direction, crafted into hyphae, or even stripped!

Mushroom Wood:
Mushroom stems can be crafted into two brand new wood types (Red Mushroom and Brown Mushroom).
Roasted Mushrooms:

Mushrooms can be cooked in a furnace, smoker, or campfire to make Roasted Mushrooms, a new food which replenishes 4 hunger points and gives 2 saturation points.


Beef Stew:

Craft a steak, two baked potatoes and some roasted mushrooms together with a bowl to obtain beef stew, a new stew that's better than steak! Makes for a good food source if you have the inventory space.


Cross Content:

If Quark is installed:

Glowshroom Wood Set:
Glowshrooms are a new type of wood. Unlike most wood sets, they're transparent and glow!
Variant Blocks:

Custom variants of bookshelves, vertical planks, vertical slabs, and ladders for each new wood type.

Chest Variants:

New chest types for brown mushrooms and glowshrooms, as well as tweaks to Quark's mushroom chest to make it work as a chest for the red mushroom wood type. There's some odd recipe conflict stuff that I can't actually fix, so you'll need to install Polymorph to make use of these chests.

If Buzzier Bees is installed:

Beehive Variants:

Beehive variants for the three new wood types.







Can I port it to Fabric or an older version?

Feel free to, I'm personally not going to backport or port to Fabric though. It's all open-source, and although it's ARR anyone has permission to port it :) 

Why are both vanilla and modded big mushrooms generating in the swamp with Swamp Expansion installed?

This is an issue that's already actually been fixed in the latest GitHub builds for Swamp Expansion. The update hasn't been put on CurseForge yet so you'll have to wait for that before compat is fully functional.

My game crashes whenever I break a mushroom cap.

This is a known issue with Fast Leaf Decay that I don't think I can really fix. Use Quick Leaf Decay instead.

Can I use this in a modpack?

Go ahead! Just please credit Team Aurora unless it's on CurseForge (which credits mod developers already).


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Ep1c312 - Ideas, coding, some textures

- cell_membrane_ - Food textures

- Sheddmer - Mushroom stem top textures

MCVinnyq - The rest of the textures

bageldotjpg for some fixes

DarkhaxDev for the .gitignore file and some better texture compression


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