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This mod is a completed&improved version as a distibution of the original Levels mod by the TheXFactor117. Since the original mod has GPLv2, this mod is appropriate with all Levels's licence conditions mentioned here.

Do NOT use it with Loot Slash Conquer mod(or Mine and Slash) or it will crash!! 


Welcome to Enhanced Armaments!

This mod makes your weapons and armors unique!


Enhanced Armaments actually evolves special abilities for your armor and weapons(bows too).

Every weapon gains its special experience as you use it till it does level up. When level up, it will have an ability point to use. And you can open the GUI by pressing 'K' key by default by holding the item in your mainhand, and can choose an ability that your ability points enough to learn it for the item.

It works same on armors, but your armor will gain experience as you take damage.


There is also a rarity system. Every weapon randomly has a rarity. More rare rarities, have smaller chance. Completely configurable!


It supports modded weapons&armors! It will actually work with any item that has the class that extends ItemSword, ItemAxe, ItemHoe, ItemBow or ItemArmor.


And you can upgrade your weapon/armors rarity by Harshen Universe mod! With the blood ritual, your armaments rarity will be upgraded by a chance. On failure, you will lose the item.


Current abilities are:

Weapon Abilities

FIRE=Sets enemies on fire for a short time.

FROST=Stuns enemies, freezing them in place for a short time.

POISON=Poisons enemies for a short time.

INNATE=Causes enemies to bleed.

BOMBASTIC=Explodes target entitys area. May harm you too. Doesn't work with animals.

CRITICAL_POINT=Small chance at dealing an additional damage by respect to enemy's hp.

ILLUMINATION=Weakens enemies.

ETHEREAL=If you kill a target, your weapon will be repaired.

BLOODTHIRST=Heals the user back a portion of the damage dealt.


Armor Abilities

MOLTEN=Sets enemies on fire for a short time.

FROZEN=Stuns enemies, freezing them in place for a short time.

TOXIC=Poisons enemies for a short time.

BEASTIAL=At low health, the player receives a damage buff.

REMEDIAL=Your armor will regenerate your HP every 6 seconds.

HARDENED=A chance at negating all of the damage to be dealt.

ADRENALINE=A chance at getting regeneration of health when get hurt.


It's very configurable to make it friendly with modpack-makers!


For admins:

There are 2 commands to make it easier to have free levels or experience.

/addlevel <levelcount>

/changerarity <rarityid>

Level count should be bigger than 0.

Rarity id should be 1 to 6.


What are the changes from the original Levels:

-New abilities

-New ability and token usage system

-Improved&fixed abilities

-Bug&crash fixes

-Rarity system improvements and fixes.

-Better tooltips and GUI.