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This mod requires the Cyclops Core library!

Come talk to us in #energeticsheep on the Cyclops Discord server!


What would happen when a Sheep is struck by lightning?
It becomes an Energetic Sheep!

It's a new way to passively generate energy using passive animals.


You can either wait for lightning to strike on a regular sheep, or head out into the world and find a herd of Energetic Sheep. They spawn less frequently than regular sheep. When discovered, you can breed these sheep, with babies having a 1/3 chance on being energetic as well.

 When killed, they drop Energetic Wool (look out, it zaps you when placed as a block!)

Energetic Wool contains energy.

 That means that you can use it to power your favorite machines, by either right-clicking on them, or by inserting them into any machines that accept Forge energy power from items.

 Instead of killing these rare sheep, a more efficient way would be to simply shear them to get even more Energetic Wool.

 When you have collected enough Energetic Wool, you'll be able to craft special Energetic Shears.

 These shears can hold energy, and allow you to retrieve all energy of an Energetic Sheep. This is much more efficient than collecting their wool, as you can extract more energy this way.

 Instead of manually shearing sheep, you can use other mods to extract their energy directly. (Any mods that support the Forge Energy capability on entities will work, such as Integrated Tunnels)

 Energetic Sheep basically act as living energy buffers, so you can even use them as living energy transport vessels.


This mod collects anonymized startup data, this can be disabled in the config file and adheres to Minecraft's snooper settings.


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