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Enemy Expansion (1.19)

Is a mod that aims to make combat encounters in Minecraft more varied and interesting with the introduction of several new mobs. The mod is in continual development, consistently being updated by Nekomaster with all manner of creature to freshen up your combat experience. 

I highly suggest installing In Control! Or Bad Mobs to disable or limit the spawning of mobs you don't like. You could also use Mobs Properties Randomness if you wanted to weaken or buff certain mobs too!
Whilst all the mobs can be dealt with using only vanilla mechanics, it'd be far more fun if you also installed other mods that implemented more complex battle mechanics too, including Combat Roll and Shield Expansion.

Thank you to EB Mario for help with some of the arthropod mob animations, and Danimodder for porting the mod up!


Zombie that runs fast! When attacked, becomes stunned for a moment before resuming it's assault.

Zombie that hits hard! When attacked, briefly gains a speed boost to rush you down with. Back-peddle for your life!

Little undead guy doesn't burn in sunlight, and who loves flesh so much, will cannibalise it's fellow Zombie if no humans are nearby!
Can be tamed with Rotten Flesh, and will gain more and more health on each kill it earns.
Rarely drops the Meathead, a helmet that gives the player temporary Strength for each kill they earn.

Zombie on horseback! It's horse will freak out when hurt, making it run about frantically when hurt. Will sometimes ring a bell that bestows all nearby undead Speed.
Rarely drops the Horsehead, a helmet that gives the player temporary Speed for each kill they earn.

Sometimes popping out the body of a slain Zombie, these buzzing little pests are weak but erratic, so be careful around them! Their frequency of appearance can be tweaked in the config.

Exceptional Archer who will knock you back if you get too close, can pop a flurry of several arrows at once, and can even switch to melee mode when trifled with too thoroughly! Fast on it's feet, so be wary!

Thieving little imps who will snatch your XP away from you, leaving you momentarily slowed! They're cowards, and will run off when smacked too much, dropping their own XP in the process! Give it what for!

Idle fossils sitting out in Deserts... If you right-click them, you might find treasure inside! Just be prepared to face their wrath for touching what is not yours... And for invading their personal space!

A tankier Spider who dashes for you when hurt, and whom is native to the Dripstone Caves! At no cost, can be ridden when right-clicked!

A desert-dwelling arthropod that inflicts poison and weakness with it's deadly, edible tail, which it drops when killed. Smacking someone with said tail will also induce said poison-weakness combo, which is useful! When hurt, it'll turn completely invisible with exception to it's glowing eyes. Track them as you smack it into oblivion!

A Lush Cave native, these little guys will fight any Spiders who dare enter it's domain. If fed Spider Eyes, they'll spit out Healing Eyes in exchange, which can be thrown at allies to heal them, undead to hurt them, or brewed into Healing potions for yourself! If a Zombie hurts it, it may turn into a Zadybug, a stronger, dying version of itself.

Passive in the day and hostile at night, Wasps know how to work together, all circling you at once if even one of them is hurt. When killed, they can drop their Thoraxes, which can be thrown to summon a Wasp Drone, which will fight monsters for you! Just don't let Drones too close to one another, or in-fighting will occur...

A giant, beautiful colony of Flutterflies rarely appears to bestow anybody who dares to pet it momentary Regeneration... They can also be bottled and eaten for an on-the-fly snack, if you're cruel! Just don't attack them, or you'll suffer the consequences...

The dreadful bloodsucker of the underground, Vampires are exceedingly dangerous due to their versatility. Upon biting a victim, they regenerate some of their health and have inflict both momentary Blindness, and the new Bitten effect, which will burn whoever has it under daylight - And if the bite victim is a mob... They're doomed to become a Vampire too, just like their aggressor. (They will target Zombies when ground-based, even if a player is nearby, specifically to create reinforcements!) They also inflict blindness, before running away. If hurt enough, they may chose to engage in flight mode, in which they'll rush you down when they're not floating about idly. In moments of desperation, they may turn into the Biter, a smaller, more erratic version of themselves. If they do this and return to normal, they'll have regenerated all their health. Take them out whilst they're small to avoid that! If they get burnt, they'll quickly combust and explode. Rarely drops the Headbiter, a helmet that gives the player temporary Regeneration for each kill they earn.

A titanic brute of a mob, Trolls are slow and lumbering beasts who will roar when hurt, pushing you and any other nearby mobs away. If you irritate them too much, they'll become enraged: Immensely fast, twice as strong and immutably deadly (Though lacking the armoured toughness of their calmer state). Whilst enraged, they'll take their aggression out on any nearby Zombies, eating them whole and gaining back some health in the process. Can be poisoned by force-feeding them Poisonous Potatoes. Slaying them may yield the drops of previous meals, including the tools of former fallen adventurers! If attacked under direct sunlight, they'll become Petrified. Rarely drops it's Molar, which can be used to swiftly mine through stone blocks!

A gigantic Silverfish latched onto a desecrated skeleton, the Silverqueen is no monster to be trifled with. When attacking, it'll rush you down and smack you around, summoning Silverfish to aid it all the while. If you can damage it enough, there's a chance you'll break it's body down entirely and reduce it to it's original wormy form, making it a lot more manageable to deal with.
Rarely drops the Silverhead, a helmet that gives the player the ability to summon and command Silverfish when hurt, which will attack the player's attacker!

A larger-than-average pup who will maul you silly if it can sink it's teeth into you! If you hurt it, it'll leap back at you with a speed and strength boost to boot, so be careful around it!

A smaller Creeper who dashes at you, and whom can survive it's own explosions, which propel it up into the air. Takes massive knockback when hurt, so hit it away to stay safe!

An even smaller, even faster Creeper who can also survive it's own explosions. When exploding, it flies up into the air, where it is vulnerable to being one-shot by arrow strikes.

A massive, hulking Creeper that is immune to knockback who can survive it's own explosions. Unless hurt, the longer it looks at you the faster it gets.

Phantasm Set
Night Powers!
- Cowl - Bestows Night Vision!
- Cape - Bestows Resistance in the dark!
- Leggings - Bestows Jump Boost in the dark!
- Boots - Bestows Speed in the dark!
Set Bonus: Slow Falling + Super Jump Boost when crouching!

Phantom Eye
Crafted with a Healing Eye and Phantom Membrane, these little suckers allow you to create the Phantasm Cowl! And can also be thrown like the Healing Eye to bestow Night Vision temporarily to whoever they smack.

- Hunted - Defeat a Huntsman!
- Vampire Slayer - Slay a Vampire!
- Troll Hunter - Defeat a Troll!
- Regicide - Topple a Silverqueen and kill them without their body! 
- Tactically Nuked - Shoot a Faller out the sky with an Arrow.

- Trolled! - Petrify a Troll! (Attack them under broad daylight)
- Ladybug's Gift - Feed a Ladybug a Spider Eye and recieve a Healing Eye in exchange!
- Wasp Business - Hatch a Wasp Drone from a Wasp Thorax!
- Butterfly Collection - Catch a Flutterfly in a Bottle!
- Freedom! - Release a Villager from their Goblified curse (Hurt them whilst they're weakened...)
- Thief! - Steal from the mouth of a Starved! (Right-click on them)

Enemy Expansion (1.18)

Is a mod that aims to make combat encounters in Minecraft more varied and interesting with the introduction of several new mobs.

The mod is in continual development, consistently being updated by Nekomaster with all manner of creature to freshen up your combat experience. 

It's going to take a little while to complete, however, so please enjoy what's here for the time being!

= Versions 1.4 and above require GeckoLib! = 

There is a config!


Please read through the whole description so you know what options are available to you!

An extensive config has been introduced that allows you to change what mobs spawn at what Y-levels, how often certain mobs replace other mobs, and what armours Zombies and Skeletons can spawn with, amongst other miscellaneous settings. You also won't be able to tweak mob spawn rates or outright disable mobs on 1.18.2: Use In Control! and/or Bad Mobs for that. Otherwise, you can alter mob spawn rates on 1.19 via a datapack.

I would highly advise installing a couple of other mods to complement the stronger enemies found here, including Shield Expansion, Combat Roll, and Spice of Life: Sweet Potato Edition.

Modded biome compatibility!

For 1.19: Enemy Expansion Modded Biome Compatibility Datapack

For 1.18: Nothing yet, sorry!


You want mobs? You've got 'em - Lots of em, in fact! Click here to learn more about the funky fellers in the banner image and prepare yourself for the horrors that await...



An athletic undead who moves at 1.5x the regular speed of a normal zombie. Taking damage will slow him down, giving you time to deliver a combo attack or reorient yourself.


A bodybuilding undead with 2.5x the strength of a regular zombie.
Beyond sheer muscle, hurting this guy will give him a short adrenaline boost, allowing him to charge at you. In this state, parry him with a shield, or strafe away from him. 


The bulkiest zombie of them all, the Senior retains the Slugger's adrenaline boost trait upon taking damage, though it can't utilise this very well with how slow and heavy it is. Be forewarned, though: This guy only grows stronger upon taking damage, gaining the ability to pierce through shields, and should be dealt with at a distance, in very good armour, or with supreme caution. Preferably some combination of those three approaches!


A fast and unpredictable enemy, this zombie's horse will lose all control upon taking damage and go into a blind frenzy. Be careful when dealing with this one. 


A cold biome-exclusive undead, this poor zombie's legs were frozen off, leaving it to crawl around everywhere it goes.
Unfortunately for you, this means it can now fit through 1-block gaps. It'll also slow you down should it hit you, so don't touch it!


The crawling mutant head of a Zombie, the Meature is very much like a spider that'll hop to chew your flesh off. If no players are about, it'll instead target other undead. It can be neutralised and tamed when shown and fed Rotten Flesh, and will even fight alongside you! When it kills, it grows stronger, so it may be worth sticking by one to help it reach it's full potential. Sometimes, the Meature will spawn upon the head of a Zombie or Skeleton - When their hosts are killed, they'll hop right off to attack you, too. When killed, they'll sometimes drop themselves as Meat Heads to be worn, or to be cooked! To stop a Meature from teleporting to you when tamed, leash it and bind it to a fence post.


A more skillful Skeleton who's faster on his feet than his smaller counterpart. If you get too close to him, he'll punch you in the face to get you away!


The ultimate skeletal warrior. The Guardsman is also especially adept at evasion, doing little ballerina twirls when getting hurt, choosing to tactically retreat when the moment calls for it, and even surprising their targets with a flurry of 20 arrows, right from out under their cloak! If you face one of these guys, give them everything you've got!


A supportive enemy spirit who will possess nearby undead, buffing them notably and bestowing them its robes. It'll jut right out again upon the mob's death, where it'll be vulnerable to being banished with a mere tap.


A hacking and slashing possessed suit of armour that can quickly shred through you if you're not careful around it! While slow at first, sustaining more damage increases its resolve to kill you, and extensively its speed. It will also dash forward sometimes when hit, so be very careful! It rusts in water, slowing it down, so use this as a chance to retreat if needed!


A ghastly, sharp-edged creature of the cold who will tear you to bits should you get near it! Should you toy with it too much over its slow speed, it just might spit in your eye and blind you for a moment! It doesn't appreciate light melting the snow and ice of its biomes, and so will break torches and lanterns left on the ground! Or perhaps it's breaking them since it fears fire...? It burns to death much faster than your typical monster, so use that knowledge to your advantage!

Meatures, Sprinters, Sluggers, Seniors, Equestrians, Gallants and Huntsmen spawn in all biomes (besides deserts), whilst Frigid and Ghouls are cold biome exclusives.


An idle fossilized monster that lays dormant in the desert... Until it's disturbed!
In the brief interim where it hasn't noticed you, you can sieze the opportunity to steal whatever's inside it's mouth by right-clicking it!
Just be sure to get running right afterwards... It's hungry! Desert and Mesa exclusive.


Bugs! Everywhere!! Ahh!! 


A stronger Spider, the Tarantula will boost towards you upon taking damage, much like a Slugger. Sometimes, you'll be able to find them in the Dripstone Caves hanging upside down from the ceiling! In this state, they're harmless. If you aggravate them, however, prepare for a scrap.


With a preference for warmer climates such as deserts and Badlands, the Scorpion turns invisible upon taking damage. Keep track of it's glowing eyes, or face the consequences of a bout with poison and nausea.


Out on their malicious business, the Wasp is found buzzing about Forests after dark. Try to avoid getting stung by them, as in addition to a variety of nasty effects, the resultant pheromone release also has a chance of summoning even more Wasps to dispose of you. Killing them yields their pheromone sack as an item, which can be thrown to summon a Wasp Drone that'll attack monsters! And you, if you provoke it. Don't provoke it, whatever you do!


A Lush Cave-dwelling arthropod with a sturdy shell, the Ladybug is a neutral mob who will pack a punch should you mess with it. Not only with you, but with undead mobs and spiders, whom it is endlessly hostile towards. Should a Ladybug fall in battle to an undead, it will be reborn as a Zadybug, who's a little slower than it's living counterpart, but something to watch out for nonetheless. If you feed a Ladybug Spider Eyes, there's a chance it'll spit Healing Goo back out at you, which can be thrown at allies to heal them, and undead to damage them! Additionally, this goo can be put into a bowl for Healing Goo Soup to replenish your own health pool!

Tarantulas spawn in all biomes, but most commonly in Dripstone Caves. Scorpions spawn in hot biomes. Wasps spawn in forests. Ladybugs spawn in Lush Caves.


Erratic little buggers who aren't very strong, but are very hard to hit! A single swipe of any sword should be enough to swat them without issue. Spawn in temperate and hot biomes.


These giant fritzing arthropods are swamp-exclusive, and alongside boasting an impressive healthbar, can pack quite a punch should you let them too close! They can now pick you up and carry you into the sky, in addition to poisoning you along the way! Don't get grabbed if you want to live a happy and full life!


Mobs from the Nether!


Taking the place of every fifth Blaze, the Cinder is unlike it's daintier brother in almost every way - Where the Blaze hovers in the air and attacks from a distance, the Cinder floats close to the ground, rushing towards you to slice you to bits with its powerful, arrow-resistant shields. When hurt, it has a chance of shooting a small, explosive fireball - Signalled by it lighting up in flames. It's powerful helmet protects it from heavy damage, and upon its defeat will drop some of it in the form of Cinder Scrap: Use this precious metal by applying it atop a Netherite Helmet so that you may reap its benefits of increased speed when on fire, and a massive super-jump when touching lava!


These lazy little creatures can be found dozing around Striders in the Nether. Unlike their tall-legged cousins, they are not mobile, they are not friendly, and only wish to turn you into a literal spit-roasted barbeque. Evade them on Striders, and you can't go far wrong!

Cave Dwellers

Mobs that spawn primarily or exclusively in caves!

Rocky humanoids who live exclusively in caves. They're all remarkably sturdy, resisting ranged and burning attacks exquisitely, and they all dislike your presence in their home thoroughly. Get out!

Overgrown bedbugs who'll leak Silverfish when hurt, ew! Using a sword against them allows you to banish their silver spawn before they even have a chance to touch the ground, so consider making the most of that! They're cowardly, and get real fast when hurt. Might want to consider investing in Bane of Arthropods after all...

A heavy-set Creeper variant who cannot be knocked back. With an even stronger explosion and the ability to survive its own blasts to boot, stay as far away from this guy as you can. If you HAVE to get close, make the most of your shields (which won't last long if you over-use them here.)

A lightweight Creeper variant akin to the Intruder, this guy lacks health, strength and weight, but makes up for it in speed. It's light weight proves a benefit to it, as it can use its own explosions to propel itself through the air, making it hard to catch. Be careful around this one!

What could be considered a Warden progeny, the Troll can instantly kill a completely unprotected player in a single bite. Do NOT engage with it: When aggravated, it becomes briefly invincible, and massively faster. All things considered, the most sensible thing you can do to counter a Troll is to simply leave it be.

This regenerative bloodsucker is a tricky bugger: With the ability to steal your health should it bite you, in addition to regenerating passively, the Vampire is slim and fast, allowing it to swiftly move in and momentarily slow and blind you should it sink it's teeth into you. When hurt, it'll either continue attacking, briefly and erratically run away, or turn into the Biter, a far weaker but more unpredictable bat form. After a couple of seconds, it'll have regenerated enough to turn back into a fully healed Vampire, effectively restarting the fight. Biters are most effectively taken out by Trident throws and fully-charged axe swings, but both Vampires and Biters can also be banished by being burnt with flames, achievable with either fire-based enchantments or being right-clicked with Flint and Steel. Additionally, they'll also combust under broad daylight - Don't get caught in the blast when the sun rises!

These mobs spawn in all biomes, but just locked to the underground by default. This is configurable.


They're a cowardly bunch, avoiding Iron Golems like the plague, but have the unique ability to regenerate health when wet, be it in rain or the ocean.

Creeping around low to the ground is the Thief, who will steal your XP and run when you're not looking! They'll have a chance to flee when hurt, dropping some XP along the way, and killing them will balance things out, with any luck, as they drop not only a lot of XP, but Bottles O' Enchanting, too!

A self-serious fellow with no time to waste, the Bouncer will calmly walk up to you, before kicking you right in the... Potion bottles. Yeouch!

A Gabble of Goblins has to eat SOMETHING, and what better than freshly baked cake from their local Baker?
Unfortunately, Goblin Bakers also specialise in demolitions, so their cakes were actually made in a factory: A BOMB factory. They're BOMBS.
Their Suspicious Slices have 1/6th of a chance to BLOW YOU UP should you eat them! The other 5/6ths of the time though, they'll give you Regeneration.

Is it worth it? Choose wisely!

One efficient means of transport for a Goblin is the elusive Slime, which the Rancher is a specialist in controlling.
With it, it can launch great heights up into the air, and even throw slime balls at you to slow you down! If only it wasn't so unyielding for it to control...

If the Bouncer provides the group security, the Errant enforces the law, and the law demands: No humans shall go unpunished for walking 16 blocks within a Goblin's vicinity! Wielding a mighty axe, they clumsily swing at you in the hopes that it'll butcher you. Keep your cool, though, as their slow speed and tendency to lose their nerve during battle can get the better of them. At least they're brave enough to deal with their undead counterparts!

What could be considered the de-facto head-honcho of any Gabble of Goblins, the Caster's magic spells have the ability to puppeteer you mid-air, so make sure you avoid their projectiles at all costs! They can actually be effectively deflected with a shield, so use that to your advantage. When not targeting players, Casters are on the look-out for villagers to transform into new Goblins, so that they may join their nomadic ranks.

They frighten the life out of living Goblins, and will run away at the drop of a hat; Zobgoblins are not too troublesome to deal with. Just beware that like Thieves, they'll slow you down for a moment should you get touched by one.

Thieves and Zobgoblins are all-biome mobs (besides hot biomes), whilst the rest are Swamp exclusive.



A beautiful colony of regenerative butterflies that spawn in all biomes who'll heal you when touched with a right-click, and wither you when attacked! They bunch up together to scare off potential predators... But who would want to hurt creatures so good and pure?


Desert/Badlands/Savannah-exclusive Cow who will attack Husks and fight back against those who dare bring it harm! They could make for great allies if you plan on living in the desert.


Taiga-exclusive Pig who will attack Players and run from Zombies should they get too close! Little cowards...


Jungle-exclusive Chicken who will hurt you if you dare hurt it! They're not afraid to fight any Foxes, Wolves, Ocelots or Cats nearby, so keep them well-guarded if you've got a pet puppy about...


Peaks/Mountains-exclusive Sheep who will knock you far and away should you try and harvest it for its meat! It's thick wool gives it a little armour, and when sheared, regrows quickly and consistently compared to a Sheep's speed of wool regrowth. Rams are not fond of Zombies or Skeletons, and will attack either on-sight.


These permanently aggressive canines travel in packs, and will rip you limb from limb via their powerful jump attack! After leaping, they'll also be a little faster than usual, so stay on-guard! Sometimes, a Skeleton will hitch a ride on them. Sometimes, their pack members will destroy those very same skeletons. Sometimes, they'll rip into regular wolves just for the hell of it. They're not nice, and they're not your pets! Now get down!



A small but swift menace of the seas, these frightening, aggressive little guys will turn invisible when attacked and panickedly swim away - Not that it does them much good, as their prey-attracting bulbs give away their location! Despite their speed, they maintain low health pools, and can be dispatched quickly with good gear. Whilst typically unpleasant to be around, they especially love the taste of Drowned flesh, and just might assist you in battle should the circumstances befit them! They can be found in all Deep Oceans besides Warm ones.


Harrowing behemoths of the depths, Kelpies can drag you down to the bottom of the sea with their extending tongues. If hurt, it will summon speed-boosted Drowned to try and dispatch of you as it attempts to regain it's composure. Don't lose sight of it and manage it's minions for the chance at earning a Heart of the Sea!


Although outwardly tough, if a Piecrab is hurt enough, it'll eventually leave you alone! They're good swimmers, and allow whatever monster rides it to make chase towards you rather effectively! They can be killed for a Crab Pie, which grants Resistance briefly when eaten cooked.


A giant Squid that's gotten too smart for it's own good - Having learnt to adapt outside the water, the Gladius is coming straight for you. Fortunately for you, it's squishy body makes it easy to push away. Knocking it back into the water whence it came will force it to adapt its body for the liquid realm, turning it into it's smaller Gladilad form. Unfortunately for you, both iterations of the mob retain the classic ink-spray technique carried down from their Squid ancestors, and will use it to blind you as often as possible. Shield your eyes! Spawns by beaches and rivers.


In their attempts to conquer the oceans as well as the the skies, the Illager faction engineered the Marauder, a shark-like creature that roams loose in deep ocean biomes! Be careful should it spot you!

And More!


Mobile dummies made of copper and iron that can shoot arrows at you and fly away when the going gets tough! Fear not though: A well-placed arrow can take them out of the sky very swiftly, in addition to nabbing you an achievement! If caught in the rain or a body of water, they'll oxidize and become far slower. Spawns in all biomes.

A big bad werewolf of purple proportions, the Wolfsbane starts out as a slow, lumbering enemy who's heavy damage can be negated by its slow speed... That is, until it sustains enough damage to become notably angrier, at which point it'll stand down on all fours and charge for you. Attacking it in this state will inspire it to lunge, which can be used to your advantage to keep it away whilst it's in a mania. Spawns in all biomes.

A swift, giant chicken with a dragon-like lower half, this foul foul can almost freeze you in place with an up-close-and-personal stare in the eyes, in addition to poisoning you significantly upon a bite, too. Occasionally, They can be found with skeletons riding atop them - Said Skeletons cannot handle the force from a Cockatrice's great leaps into the air, however, so using this to your advantage would be wise. Just like their tiny natural counterparts, they drop Chicken on death, making for a great food source whilst stuck underground. Spawns in all biomes, underground exclusive.


This malformed, Illager-born beast of the skies acts as the perfect mode of transport for any patrolling Pillager who needs to keep out of your effective range. Fast as they are deadly, the Reaver will weave around and above you, allowing the Pillager on it's back to take care of you from a distance. If you happen to kill the Pillager before the Reaver, it will come for you far more directly. Try and take it out first! Only spawns alongside Pillagers with the Pillager Spawns With Reaver Chance config option.


An otherworldly, shadowy creature emerges from the darkness with the sole purpose of hunting you down... While it may seem unkillable, it will leave you alone if you either pelt it with enough damage, or expose it to the light. Veer well-clear of it!


If you've ever wondered what'd happen to an Enderman if their Pearl got turned into an Eye before it was outside of their body... Now you know the answer. Packing bigger healthbars, statures, and the ability to inflict burning damage, these g'eyes do NOT mess around. Just don't look at them (like, any part of them) and you should be fine. Spawns in the Warped Forest, the End, and occasionally in overworld Sunflower Plains.


This michevious sprite lies atop the head of many a Zombie and Skeleton who wander about, healing all nearby undead every time it's host is hurt. Upon the loss of said host, it'll panickedly fly around, continually healing all it's corpsy allies until itself slain. Be sure to prioritize anybody who dare carry a Vigor into a fight, for they'll be the ones who will ensure a group battle is extended should you leave them be!

Armour & Items

What's a good fight without a good reward? Some mobs drop some real goodies!


Meat Head - When worn, gives permanent Jump Boost, in addition to a short speed and strength boost at the cost of inflicting Hunger when damage is taken. Drops rarely from a Meature. 

Phantasm Cowl and Cape - Crafted from Phantom Membrane and other materials, become the night and speed through it whilst partially invisible and fully able to see via Night Vision! When crouched, you'll gain Slow Falling, making this set perfect for exploring dark caves! Watch out, though: This set becomes useless as Leather when used in the light.

Cinder Helm - Gain the power of a Cinder and become faster when burning! Also gain the ability to hop on lava! Neat!

Slimehead - Repel attackers and bounce them back with this head made of gelatin! Drops rarely from a slain Rancher.

Silverhat - Spawn ally Silverfriends who'll nibble on monsters on your behalf when hurt! Drops rarely from a slain Silverking.

Headbiter - Receive a short dose of speed and healing when attacking! Rarely drops from a slain Biter.

Spiderlatch - Grants poison-inflicting attacks and poison immunity to the wearer.

Trollface - Grants 5 points of knockback immunity (for reference, 1 piece of Netherite gear gives 1 point of knockback immunity.)

Spectral Hood and Robe - Wearer can inflict a moment of Blindness and Weakness respective to the armour piece worn. Either one makes a Spectre spawn upon the wearer's death.

Bull Skull - A little knockback resistance goes a long way!

Flutterfliers - Gain the power of regeneration when hurt whilst wearing these wings!

Horsehead - Gives the wearer 10 seconds of both Speed III and Hunger III when the wearer is hurt!
Brutish Garment - Gives the wearer 2 seconds of both Resistance III and 5 seconds of Hunger III when the wearer is hurt!
Mini-Wither - Attacks from the wearer deal Wither III for 3 seconds!
Banemask - When hurt, the wearer will be compelled to perform a small leap (even in the air), just like a feral Wolfsbane! Parkour potential, anyone?
Gladling - A baby Gladius that spits ink at whoever attack it and it's host! Causes the host to experience knockback akin to an actual Gladius.

Guardsmask/robes - Bestows two armour points and blesses you with Speed III for a couple seconds if you take damage from an arrow!


Cinder Scrap - Used to craft the Cinder Helm, drops from Cinders.

Wasp Pheromone Sack - Dropped from a Wasp, when thrown it spawns a Wasp Drone, who'll fight monsters on your behalf before quickly dying.

Healing Goo - Can be thrown at allies to heal them, and undead to harm them! Gained from feeding Ladybugs Spider eyes.

Healing Goo Stew - Crafting from Healing Goo, drink up for a wonderful source of healing!

Suspicious Slice - A Goblin-baked slice of cake that has a 5/6 chance to give you regeneration, and a 1/6 chance to BLOW YOU UP! The choice is yours.

Preposterous Portion - Only for the hungriest of players. Do NOT eat it.

Crab Pie - When cooked, gives Resistance for 10 seconds! 

Special Spawns

In the config, numerous categories adjust certain mob spawns - In particular, mob speeds, whether mobs spawn wearing vanilla armour, EE armour, and whether or not they spawn with effects.

Mobs will now sometimes spawn sparkling - They have the Champion effect! A mob, when killed with this effect, will drop one random special item from a loot table. You can configure and add additional loot tables yourself by editing or adding 'champions_x.json' (Changing the 'x' to your desired level at which certain loot will drop.)


If you're a mod-packer, please read these to understand what some obscure things in the mod do!


- Common mobs in the caves and deepslate caves are replaced by special cave variants. You can turn this behaviour off with the Replacement Rule config options. If you turn them off, the mobs will still spawn, just far, far more rarely.

- Certain mobs are designed to be cave-exclusive. You can allow them to spawn above ground by turning off the Y-level Restricted Spawning config options. Might work well in conjunction with turning off the replacement rules.

- Groups of Goblins are known as Gabbles, and their group-spawning behaviour is controlled by the Gabble entity, which in of itself is empty, and exists to spawn in the Goblins before itself disappearing. Disable the Gabble from spawning if you don't want Goblins spawning in groups.

If you'd like to stay up to date with the mod and pitch ideas or give feedback more directly, join our Discord for updates and future plans!