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Enderman Overhaul adds over 20 new endermen variants, each with their own sounds, models, and animations!

All enderman info can be found in image descriptions!



As well as endermen, this mod also overhauls the ender pearl with 8 new variations!

Soul pearl - Dropped from the soulsand valley enderman, and can be bound to mobs to teleport them remotely.

Summoner pearl - Dropped from the end islands enderman, and teleports all nearby mobs to one point.

Corrupted pearl - Dropped from the end enderman, and randomly teleports hit enemies.

Bubble pearl - Dropped from the ocean enderman, and floats through the air slowly without being affected by gravity.

Warped pearl - Dropped from the warped enderman, and effects the player with resistance when landing.

Crimson pearl - Dropped from the crimson enderman, and effects the player with strength when landing.

Icy pearl - Dropped from the ice spikes enderman, and freezes nearby enemies when landing.

Ancient pearl - Dropped from the end islands enderman, and summons pet endermen which will fight for the player, and can be recalled when right clicked.



The hoods are rare drops from badlands, snowy, and savanna endermen. They can be equipped to the chest slot and will give you 4 armour points
as well as allowing you to look at endermen without provoking them.


Other items: 

Enderman Tooth - Dropped rarely by the end enderman
Corrupted blade: Randomly teleports enemies on hit.
Corrupted shield: Damages and randomly teleports enemies when blocking attacks.


Josh/Joosh - Art
AlexNijjar - Programming
Scratchy - Sound effects


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