This mod adds an Enderfuge, which aims to improve the nugget output you get when you smelt down your armor/weapons.


As of 1.1.3 for 1.12+, we now require CTD Core to be installed along with Enderfuge. Enderfuge Version 1.4.7+ slowly adds support for other mods!






Note that this requires special fuel! Ender Pearls will burn for 1,600 ticks, Eyes of Ender will burn for 5,600, and End Crystals will burn for 25,000! A single operation will take 400 ticks. These all entirely configurable. Check your "config/ctd" folder!


I will only be providing the latest version of Minecraft new features, unless specified otherwise.



Twitter - @DaMG156

Discord - https://discord.gg/HA569Cx