Ender Zoo

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Filename EnderZoo-1.7.10-
Uploaded by CrazyPants_MC
Uploaded Nov 11, 2014
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 158.51 KB
Downloads 1,090
MD5 9a121edac45db350f68b693fd9953ac3
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


- Added Confusing Powder, dropped by Concussion Creepers
- Added Ender Fragment, dropped by Concussion Creepers and Enderminies
- 5 ender fragments can be crafted into an Ender Pearl
- Added Nausea potions can be brewed using Confusing Powder
- Added Confusing Charges. TNT like block that causes confusion. Crafted using Confusing Powder
- Added Ender Charges.TNT like block that randomly teleports surrounding entities. Crafted using Ender Fragments
- Added Concussion Charges. Combined effects of Ender and Confusing Charges
- Lower default spawn rate
- Small nurf to Wither Cats
- Prevented all mobs spawning in the nether (occurred with BoP)
- #7 Removed Concussion Creepers spawning on Mushroom Island
- #9 Update zh_CN.lang (Mrkwtkr)
- #10 Update de_DE.lang (Vexatos)

- #11 Hit box for the wither cat is too small
- Fixed firing rate of ranged Fallen Knights. Config option fallenKnightRangedMaxAttackPause was reading the min value