Ender IO

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Filename EnderIO-1.5.2-
Uploaded by CrazyPants_MC
Uploaded Sep 5, 2013
Game Version 1.5.2
Size 866.85 KB
Downloads 354
MD5 79e8b2c44d631fcc3315caef0991b941
Supported Minecraft 1.5 Versions


Issue 33: Fixed crash on startup when used with some mods
Issue 24: Fused Quartz doesn't have breaking particles.
Issue 7: Lighting glitch in NEI when displayed EIO tool tips
Issue 39: Grass facades not rendered correctly.
Issue 35: Alloy recipes would accept the incorrect ingredients.
Issue 31: Liquid conduits now drain any small amount of liquid left in pipes.
Issue 22: Added sound for conduit placement.
Issue 34:  Conduit not removed from inventory when placed in empty facade.