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Filename EnderIO-1.12.2-5.0.43.jar
Uploaded by tterrag1098
Uploaded Mar 26, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2   +1
Size 6.95 MB
Downloads 2,060,931
MD5 a08e6e9c81135fa77ac1df1f2f98c594
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


You need either the main file or a selection of the "split" jars, not both!


Changelog (this build) / Changelog (all builds)


Player-visible changes:


Made infinity dust block fall and react to neighboring water

Added diamond dust recipe for SAG Mill

Added new Dark Steel Upgrade: Inventory Upgrade

Made JEI descriptions for dark steel items more useful

Removed broken spawners that cannot be crafted from the creative inventory

Fixed owls getting damage when pressing against block above them

Fixed redstone conduits not allowing their GUIs for all sides to be opened

Tweaked backhoe after playtesting

Added Project Intelligence integration (experimental and WIP)

Added proper support for disabling Rod of Return's fluid use


Not-so-visible and invisible changes:


Item energy capabilities are now provided by Mixins, not the capability event
Forestry integration with Dark Steel Tools now resides completely in Forestry addon
Painted blocks are now resisting being moved by non-standard pistons
Fixed client-only data being serialized into itemstacks
Fixed Spawner using wrong item class
Fix broken shouldContinueExecuting override
Adjust code to vanilla style pathing delays seen in EntityAIAttackMelee
Detect when navigation is being used for an entity that is riding
Added oredict wildcard check for deduping recipes
Try pickBlock first when trying to find an item representation for the conduit GUI
Skip Direct upgrade processing when used by a Farming Station or Killer Joe
Protect against vanilla casting objects without instanceof check
Changed name generation for configured machines to run client-side
Playing with lights
Fixed #4830 functionality
Cleaneded up enchantment config and nerfed Repellent a bit
The cake may be a lie, but the pie isn't.
Removeed GhostSlotTarget and use default IHaveGhostTargets#getGhostTargets
Added spawn eggs support for captured mob processing
Added item fading to Mod Item Filter
Added buildcraft fuels
Moved Thaumcraft integration to mixin
Told everyone that basic caps can be used in upgrade slots now, too
Fixed input checking invalid input crashing in some cases
Fixed simulation for validating energy receiver, added caching
Changed mob blacklists to predicates
Fixed energy conduit networks overcaching external connections
Re-Added conduit extension API
Added mob drop support for Direct trait
Added variant recipe to upgrade steel to dark steel

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