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Filename EnderIO-1.12.2-5.0.30.jar
Uploaded by tterrag1098
Uploaded Aug 2, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 6.33 MB
Downloads 13,084
MD5 9eaca18d4ed2e0fa82ecdf046ecbc13e
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


Shortened changelog:


* Fixed conflict with mods that use fake players to attack mobs
* Added partial Russian translation
* Added Empowered V
* Changed minecart detection code because Railcraft
* Fixed End Eteel gear not repairing
* Tried to make simple machines more useful
* Better grindingball tooltip for Sag Mill
* Added legacy recipe file to example files
* Added easy-lookup recipes for colored glasses
* Added automatic JEI item hiding
* Sand is not glass...
* Removed outdated compat recipes
* Preserve better step heights from other mods
* Fixed energy conduit networks becoming negative with large transfer limits
* Buffed enhanced machines
* Modified industrial machine recipes
* Added Simple Powered Furnace and tweaked Alloy Smelter recipe
* Added Simple Wired Charger
* Reworked Stirling Generator to bring more in line with standard power density
* Recipe consistency pass, clean up machine recipes, add dark steel gear
* Added soul powder and reworked soul machine recipes
* Cleaned up twigs and prunings texture
* Fixed enhanced machines having a magical capacitor
* Tweaked soul dust texture
* Added some safeguards to the powered spawner for missing mob entries
* Protected against people living below bedrock level
* Added enchantment configuration, fixed charger configuration
* Added CrafterRecipeTransferHandler
* Split alias processing into its own parsing phase
* Fixed Thaumcraft upgrades not knowing about Ender armor
* Fixed machines "blinking" between consecutive tasks
* Repellent is intended for players, not mobs
* Cleaned up the client/server capability handling of conduits
* Added ghost fluid support
* Fixed impulse hopper potentially reaching 0-tick speeds
* Added Nuclearcraft alloys
* Fixed passengers being removed in wrong order
* Fixed Thaumcraft aspect registration
* Fixed sword handler being registered twice
* Fixed Power Monitor missing its textures
* Fixed helmet painting recipe not using the blacklist
* Fixed Enderman Attraction Handler not checking targets
* Fixed tooltips displaying in non ender liquid conduits
* Added example recipe for removing exploits caused by other mods
* Fixed Ender Liquid conduits not being able to disable round robin
* Rebuilt Rubber Tree Farmer
* Removed cc compat
* Rebalanced enhanced machines to be good
* Fixed the yeta wrench name
* Changed TiC compat code to use TiCintegration
* Told safe random teleporting not to burn you. That was not safe...
* Added Inventory Charger
* Fixed combustion generator textures
* Added basic exporting to RS conduits
* Restrict capability access to actual conduit connections
* Added import upgrade to refined storage conduits
* Added speed upgrades to refined storage conduits
* Added capKeys for ds items
* Added crafting upgrades to RS
* Added additional events to Powered Spawner
* Relay real world to mods that ignore the fakeness of fake players
* Fixed Farming Station GUI limiting fertilizer slots
* Added a better cable -> conduit recipe for rs conduits
* Fixed Wireless Charger not having a config clearing recipe
* Blame bad mods by name and catch more errors with a useful message
* A good farmer takes tender care of his crops
* Added config to make Farmer Joe not care for his crops
* Fixed melon farmer producing particles for empty melon spaces


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