Ender IO

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Filename EnderIO-1.10.2-
Uploaded by CrazyPants_MC
Uploaded Aug 22, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 4.31 MB
Downloads 3,719
MD5 ce31926ae27a70f88122b743627f429f
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


Added Exit Rail


Updated ru_RU.lang
Update zh_CN.lang


Fixed TelePad being a Travel Anchor only on some regards
Fixed Weather Obelisk not exposing its tank using any public interface
Fixed tank item not having its content in its tooltip
Fixed chargable tools re-equipping on charging
Fixed issue with large dimension IDs and remote inv. GUI
Fixed to crash when displaying a GUI for an invalid conduit
Fixed error in recipe alternatives
Fixed disconnect from fluid conduits when the side is disabled
Fix: Items that use power themselves are not batteries
Fixed recipe using a third-party oreDict name
Fixed Chisel compatibility


Allow Vacuum Chest range of 0 (which gives 1/32 range)
Allow Inventory Panel Remote to be crafted with vanilla items
Improved Conduit and Facade replacement
Reworked TESRs
Imporived performance when hiding / showing facades
Routed info message to debug unless 'INDEV' flag set.

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