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Filename EnderIO-1.7.10-
Uploaded by tterrag1098
Uploaded Feb 26, 2016
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 4.79 MB
Downloads 801,650
MD5 495278c09b8ec2e7b2ffa9f9190e9679
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


Henry Loenwind: Vat Recipe overhaul
Henry Loenwind: Removed Herobrine
Henry Loenwind: Reworked the magnet code
Henry Loenwind: Added blacklist feature to the mod item filter
XyxenGM: Fix no comparator signal on near-empty storage
Henry Loenwind: Wrap UUID
Henry Loenwind: Improve handling of single-input recipes
Henry Loenwind: Invalidate recipes where part of the input is missing
Henry Loenwind: Prevent outright crash when used on a kcauldron server
Henry Loenwind: Add support for soulbound items in a Galacticraft inventory
Henry Loenwind: Add options for Killer Joe on a non-PvP server
Henry Loenwind: Added config option for farm size
Henry Loenwind: Made Stirling Generator more configurable
TheTemportalist: Add ITool.canUse check
Henry Loenwind: Allow CapBanks to accept input from other capBanks
Henry Loenwind: Fix bad pixels in CapBank GUI
Henry Loenwind: Fixes for shears
Henry Loenwind: Prevent XP duping when converting into liquid
Henry Loenwind: Prevent Soul Binder from moving around liquid needlessly
Henry Loenwind: Fix for magnet hotkey trying to toggle the wrong item
Henry Loenwind: Typos in crash callable
Henry Loenwind: Don't crash on missing recipe group name
Henry Loenwind: Fix configurability of travel sources
tterrag1098: Remove method stripping on soulbound for a method that is in EnderCore
wilhelm: Extend German translation
wilhelm: ExperienceObelisk: Add missing tooltip
mirramax97: Update ru_RU.lang
mirramax97: Update ru_RU.lang
clay1994: Update zh_CN.lang
tterrag1098: Clean up pick block handling (see SleepyTrousers/EnderCore@77daaed)
tterrag1098: #2577 Fix issues with teleportation to/from The End
tterrag1098: Fix capacitor bank pick block
tterrag1098: #2807 Fix bugs with telepad formation
Henry Loenwind: Keep meta when dropping painted glowstone as item
Henry Loenwind: Try to prevent render errors from non-solid painted blocks
Henry Loenwind: Allow both Yeta Wrench mouse actions to be off
Henry Loenwind: Allow "gradle install" to install into local Maven repo
tterrag1098: #2766 Fix spinSpeed getting set ridiculously high on short teleports
tterrag1098: Remove telepad sound volume altering as it caused glitchy noises
tterrag1098: Rework telepad formation a bit. Now uses an explicit master state.
tterrag1098: Change formatter settings to allow longer comments
tterrag: Add issue template
tterrag: Update issue formatting and add note about "latest"
tterrag1098: Completely rework weather obelisk. GUI and recipes not final.

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