Ender Dust And More

5,299 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 13, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2

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Ender Ore, beware of the creatures that lurk in stone as they may not be happy to be kicked from their home...

Ender Ore that can be crafted into tools, armour and even the mighty Ender Pearl itself!
Platinum ore that can be used to craft tools and armour.

Proxy's Divine Hammer: A hammer that summons raging thunder storms.


Configuration options:

  • Ore spawn chance in chunks. [0-40]
  • Maximum vein size. [0-50]
  • Maximum vein size. [0-50]
  • Minimum spawn height in the world. [1-255]
  • Maximum spawn height in the world. [1-255]
  • Spawn Enderman chance in decimals. [0.0-1.0]