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Ender Arm! Free range, Non-GMO, Gluten Free arms for all your reaching though needs!

What does this mod do you ask?

Simply put, this mod adds an arm you can get as a drop from Endermen to allow you to reach through blocks! No more will you wish that you didn't build that wall so you could place a cable down behind it or hide that machine then regret that you can't reach it! Perhaps you just want to mess with your friends and store everything hidden in the walls so they can't find it!

All you need to do is get lucky when killing an Endermen with something sharp to get an arm! Things that are considered sharp can be edited with the #enderarm:sharp_items tag. It by default includes vanilla swords, shears, and axes.

While endermen are powerful this arm you managed to obtain isn't quite as powerful as it once was while attached. You will need to reactivate the arm before having the ability to use it again along with possibly recharge it as the activation processes is very unreliable.



  • Arms! Duh!
  • Reach through most blocks! (Will not work on Tile/Block Entitles.) Use #enderarm:do_not_replace tag to block the replacement of problem blocks like bedrock.
  • Customizable durability, abuse protection, arm collection requirements and more!
  • Blocks being looked through are only visible to players holding active arms! Your mates won't even know the difference!
  • Only players using an arm can interact with blocks on the other side. No cheating!
  • Works in the primary or off hand allowing for you to dig, wrench or otherwise on the other side all at the same time!




This mod was made for SpookyJam 2021 but has been sitting in my idea bucket for a good 2 years.