End Teleporters is a mod that adds a vanilla friendly way to teleport across vast distances. It does this by adding a new beacon-block to the game: the Ender Frame.





To use an Ender Frame, two teleporter structures must be constructed. To construct a teleporter, you need to place an Ender Frame in the middle of a 3x3x3 area of air, which itself is surrounded by at least 9 purpur blocks. The teleporter also needs to have a solid floor. To link the teleporters together, an Eye of Ender must be placed inside both of them. The Eyes of Ender need to be facing towards each other in order for the teleporters to work. The teleporters also need to be within a specific range of each other. Their ranges can be increased by placing more purpur blocks around them. If a teleporter is built correctly, it will glow and emit purple particles.


To teleport, simply step inside of the teleporter and right click the Ender Frame with an Enderpearl. Once you do so, all entities inside of the teleporter will be teleported into the other teleporter.


Example teleporters:


The simplest possible teleporter design, with the range of 360 blocks.


A more complex teleporter design, with the range of 1760 blocks.


These teleporters are facing each other, and thus are linked together.


These teleporters are not facing each other, and thus are not linked together.



The Russian translation is made by 0_NikolkA_0.



You can contribute to this mod by translating it to new languages. All you need to do is to send me the modified language file and specify the language.


Feel free to use this mod in your modpack.