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Requires the library mod Collective.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
End Portal Recipe is a mod which makes the end portal craftable, movable and available in survival plus other tweaks. Because the dragon egg is needed for the recipe, players will only have access to new portals after the ender dragon has been defeated. It is however possible to pick up the portal frame blocks from a stronghold and move them elsewhere.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
mustHaveSilkTouchToBreakPortal (default = true): If enabled, players can only break portal frames if they have silk touch on their pickaxe.
(default = true): If enabled, add portal frames directly to the player's inventory to lower the chance of them being destroyed. Still drops the item entity if the inventory is full.
sendMessageOnExtraDragonEggDrop (default = true): Whether a message should be sent to the player where the extra dragon egg will drop.

The Ender Dragon will now always drop a dragon egg. If it's the first kill, one will be on the pedestal and one in the player's inventory.

The end portal is now craftable, with the following recipe:
      5 eye of enders, 1 dragon egg, 3 end stone

You can place the portal anywhere:

Fill the portal frames with eye of enders:

It will become an end portal:
Make sure to place the portals with the correct direction.

You can break end portals with any pickaxe in survival mode. This will drop the frame and if it was inserted the eye of ender:
This will also break the end portal blocks.

The new config options; only break frames with Silk Touch and transfer them directly into the player's inventory:



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