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Enchantment Machine is a Forge mod that simplifies the enchantment handling for all item.


There are 3 Blocks:

- Disenchanter

- Enchantment Block

- Enchanter


The Enchantment (Storage) block is the main block that can store enchantments with whom the other blocks can interact with. The Disenchanter disenchants every item the is put in its top slot, resulting in adding the enchantments to the Enchantment Block and the disenchanted item into the lower slot. This process can be automated. The Enchanter can be used to enchant items with the enchantments from the Enchantment Block. The Enchanter and Disenchanter must be placed adjacent to the Enchantment Storage block.


The Enchantment Storage block can be broken without loosing the stored enchantments.



By default this mod allows disenchanting items like weapons, tools or armor and apply them to different items. Whereas in Vanilla this is only possible for identical items and at twice the cost. If you want to disable  this, you can set

in world/serverconfig/enchantmentmachine-server.toml
to false


 Enchanter Screen:

Enchanter Screen