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Enchantment Enhancements



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What is Enchantment Enhancements?

Enchantment Enhancements adds various new enchantments and curses to your game. Enchantment Enhancements currently adds 8 new enchantments and 6 new curses. Enchantment Enhancements doesn't add any new items, only the enchantments and curses. All enchantments can be obtained through the vanilla enchantment table. Curses can not be applied to books, making books a safe way to get enchantments.


Freeze - Temporarily freezes the target in place.

Enduring - Items last forever when dropped.

Paralysis - Temporarily paralyses the target.

Beheading - Increases the chance to drop a skull item on death.

Berserker - Increases your damage the lower the user's health is.

Magic Protection - Decreases the amount of damage received from magic sources.

Reflection - Reflects a part of the damage caused back at the attacker.

Dropper - Drops some drop items when you get hit by a mob.


Sickle - Harvests crops in a 3x3 area.


Scared - Temporarily enhances the user's speed after being attacked.


Dodge - Increases chance to dodge an attack.


Explosive Tip - Arrows explode on contact.



Curse of Rusting - Slowly damages the durability of the enchanted item when held.


Curse of Detonation - Dropped items explode when despawning.

Curse of Midas - Anything you mine turns to gold.

Curse of Fading - Targets turn invisible temporarily when struck.

Curse of Ignition - Ignites both the user and the attacker when attacked.


Curse of Weighing - The user's speed is decreased.