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Enchantment Descriptions is a lightweight client side mod that adds descriptions of enchantments to the tooltip of enchanted items and enchanted books. Most modded enchantments are also supported! This mod supports Forge, NeoForge, Fabric, and Quilt!


Screenshot of a description being added to an Enchanted Book with Sharpness V.



This mod requires the Bookshelf library to be installed. Bookshelf provides a lot of code that helps us support multiple mod loaders and versions of Minecraft. Those playing on Fabric/Quilt may also want to consider installing the ToolTipFix mod. While the ToolTipFix mod is not required it solves a vanilla bug with long tooltip going off the screen. Those playing on Forge/NeoForge do not need to install this mod as those mod loaders already include a fix for this bug.


Modded Descriptions

This mod loads descriptions from the games language files. This allows mods and resource packs to easily add or modify descriptions without any code. The translation key for a description is based on the ID of the enchantment and is similar to the key used for the name of the enchantment. The format is enchantment.{namespace}.{path}.desc. For example the enchantment minecraft:sharpness uses the key enchantment.minecraft.sharpness.desc. You can find more examples of the builtin enchantments here. You can also find an example of another mod adding builtin support for their enchantments here.


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