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Enchantability is a mod in which you can use books to enchant yourself and gain some abilities.


To start, get yourself an ender chest, open it and on the bottom left of the GUI you will see a little book.

Click on the book and you will see several slots opening up, this is where the enchanted books go.


Note: All enchants can be disabled in the config and some have special config options, if you have any issues please report them here and disable the enchant.


Enchantability now has Pautchouli support for additional information on enchants! Get it here


Enchantments include:

  • Efficiency: Increases output of manual crafting. Items which are affected are specified in the configs as item stacks and tags.
  • Knockback: Increases the block reach of the player.
  • Frost Walker: Allows walking on air. When enchanted, simply Sneak mid air to start walking.
  • Flame: Speeds up Tile Entities around the player.

and many more!

Again if you have any issues please report them to my github issue tracker, this also applies to suggestions for enchants. 

For modders, there is a (probably very bad since I am new to this) API which you can get from my github page to implement your own enchants, One Enchantment can have multiple enchants so feel free to implement more for the things I have already added.


Enjoy :)


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