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Discord Emojis in Minecraft


You can use Discord's standard emoji and custom emoji in Minecraft. 





  • All Discord standard emojis are supported
  • You can register custom emoji
  • Animated emoji is supported
  • Automatically convert unicode emoji
  • No server mod installation required
  • Input suggestion and emoji picker are supported

How to use


It's simple to use.

  • Open a chat GUI.
  • Click the icon in the right bottom.
  • Click to enter emoji.
    That's all.


Emoji Picker


You can type emoji names with suggestions.
Type Emojis


You can add custom emoji

Add Custom Emoji


You can add emojis through Emojicord Web or by adding Json.


If you are modpack owner, You can include custom emoji dictionary.

Create a json file below and put it into `emojicord/dictionary/<some name>.json`

id is Discord emoji ID. try to type your emoji with '\' prefix into discord.


"groups": [
"emojis": [
"name": "null",
"id": "251836953392054273"
"name": "fruit",
"id": "239603279762423808"
"name": "Name A",
"id": "Name A (Must be unique in entire groups)"
"emojis": [
"name": "kameded",
"id": "385314890564501505"
"name": "kame",
"id": "385314904107646976"
"name": "TeamFruit",
"id": "359995402495328258"
"name": "Dictionary Name",
"id": "Dictionary Name (Must be unique in entire json)"


※ This mod uses our web service to get your Discord emoji.

It uses OAuth Login and Discord Bot.

Please be assured that this mod will not get the user's Discord token.

When you login to Emojicord Online, we collect some Discord information below.

  • Access your username and avatar.
  • Know what servers you're in.
  • Collect emojis in your server (after you invite Emojicord bot)

Don't hesitate to look at the source code if you have any concerns.