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Filename ElectroblobsWizardry-4.2.6-MC1.12.2.jar
Uploaded by Electroblob
Uploaded Dec 17, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 6.34 MB
Downloads 34,449
MD5 5efd4e1ac86be71badc7b9ef897e150e
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Version 4.2.6 - A few festive fixes

+ Added a damage property to the frost axe spell JSON file, fixing issue #322
+ Added a config option to disable growing crystal flowers with bonemeal
+ Decked the halls
# Fixed issue #170 (and hopefully #208, #289 and #313), a GL state issue affecting rendering from other mods - courtesy of UltraHex
# Fixed issue #261, where the frostbite skin overlay effect would stop the second layer of a player's skin from rendering until they left the game or changed their skin customisation settings
# Fixed issue #262, where ice giants and phoenixes spawned from eggs would try to attack players in creative mode
# Fixed issue #280, where all nearby players would see the on-screen blink effect when a player cast blink
# Fixed issue #288, where OCDevices would query conjured item max damage before spell initialisation, causing a crash
# Jingled the bells
# Fixed issue #291, an error when loading wizard NBT data
# Fixed issue #294, where wizard armour would sometimes break when it ran out of mana
# Fixed issues #298 and #304, crashes (server and client respectively) caused by a ConcurrentModificationException when updating dispenser casting
# Fixed issue #303, where the ring of chaining effect would attack the player wearing it
# Fixed issue #305, where arcane-locked blocks would cause VoxelMap to crash
# Fixed issue #306, a server error when creating ice spikes
# Fixed issue #307, where re-remembering the same stone circle location would sometimes crash the game
# Wrapped the presents
# Fixed an issue where Lycanite's mobs with the frostbite effect would cause a rendering error, resulting in weird graphical glitches - courtesy of Azim-Palmer
# Fixed an issue where black hole would grow indefinitely if the client got out of sync

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