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Filename ElectroblobsWizardry-4.2.4-MC1.12.2.jar
Uploaded by Electroblob
Uploaded Oct 5, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 6.27 MB
Downloads 2,839
MD5 10f0e11efdb8fc9b5ed18acf5b39ed48
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Version 4.2.4 - Bits and bobs, balancing and bugfixes


+ Unleashed the full potential of spell properties files!
    > Spell properties files can now be overridden globally in config/ebwizardry/spells
    > Spell properties files can now be overridden for specific worlds in [world save]/data/spells
    > Moved the main config file to the new ebwizardry folder because it makes more sense for it to be there now
+ API improvements to spell books:
    > Allow spells to set which book/scroll items they can appear on
    > Allow spell books to set custom GUI textures
    > Tweaks to loot functions and wizards to accommodate the changes
* Updated the crystal ore picture in The Wizard's Handbook
* Rebalanced wand progression, it should be a lot less of a grind now, especially at lower tiers
* Increased the health threshold for the amulet of transience, it should now trigger more often
* Fast worldgen now performs a simple check for water instead of just ignoring ocean biomes, so it shouldn't generate structures underwater
* Improved the descriptions of some of the structure generation settings to make it clearer how to disable them completely
# The looting spell context now works properly
# Fixed issue #186 (also #269), a crash during world generation with Dynamic Trees installed - fancy worldgen should now work again with Dynamic Trees
# Converted wizardry's in-world sound files from stereo to mono, fixing issue #218
# Fixed issue #244, where arcane jammer would sometimes not work properly on evokers
# Fixed issue #245, where the client and server would sometimes select different forfeits
# Fixed issue #248, where the game would crash during world generation if any of the config structure file lists did not contain any valid files - this now prints a warning instead, sincce that's not how you should disable structures
# Fixed issue #256, where removing spells (either by updating from an older version or uninstalling a spell pack) would result in various spell book and scroll metadata mismatches
# Fixed issue #257, where the ring of condensing and amulet of transience would only recharge wands/armour on the client side, meaning the charge would reset to its previous value when the item was moved around
# Fixed issue #260, where lightning wraith spawners would only work during thunderstorms
# Fixed issue #267, a block detection misalignment that caused block properties to be queried on the wrong block in various spells

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