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Filename ElectroblobsWizardry-4.2.2-MC1.12.2.jar
Uploaded by Electroblob
Uploaded Sep 4, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 6.99 MB
Downloads 7,496
MD5 12972eee00d64428d95f96fcf28e1fa5
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Version 4.2.2 - More tweaks and fixes


+ Added Polish translations, courtesy of Trozuu
+ Spell books and scrolls now display their tier, element and spell type when advanced tooltips are enabled (F3+H) - this allows you to search by element or spell type in the creative menu, hooray!
+ Conjure block now requires the player to be sneaking to dispel a block
+ Added support for WAWLA enchantment descriptions to the en_us and en_gb lang files, fixing #210
+ Added a 5x bonus progression modifier for casting an undiscovered spell for the first time
* Wands now only track the last 5 spells cast, instead of 10 - this means that cycling through all the spells in sequence on any wand incurs no repetition penalty to progression
* Reduced the required progression for all tiers by about 30-35%
* Increased the default rarity of wizardry's structures, reset them in the config menu to get the new values
* Combustion rune now respects player block damage and mob griefing settings, see issue #217
* Items can no longer be recharged with mana flasks if they are already fully charged

* The game will no longer launch with Forge versions older than the required version
# Fixed issue #68, where mana flask charging recipes did not work correctly in non-vanilla crafting grids
# Fixed issue #172 (also #191, #198, #199, #205, #211, #217, #220, #226, #230, #232 and #234), an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException crash related to wizardry's custom sound category
# Fixed issue #179, where the possession spell shaders were applied to all players instead of just the one using possession
# Fixed issue #182, where various construct spells would crash the game when cast by dispensers
# Fixed issue #183, yet another ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in wand NBT data
# Fixed issue #185, a crash related to summoned creature revenge-targeting
# Fixed issue #190, where certain forfeits were able to break or overwrite blocks they should not
# Fixed issue #196, a crash related to sound loops checking if they should continue
# Fixed issue #205, a ConcurrentModificationException crash when rendering arcane lock effects
# Fixed issue #216, where the game would sometimes crash when a shrine was conquered
# Fixed a crash when clicking an already-remembered stone circle, see issue #217
# Fixed spectral bow repeatedly re-equipping when used, see issue #217
# Fixed imbuement spells not working correctly, see issue #217
# Fixed issue #219, a crash on startup related to lightning hammer item attribute modifiers
# Fixed issue #228, a dedicated server crash related to disintegration effects
# Fixed issue #229, a NullPointerException crash during transportation teleporting
# Fixed issue #236, a crash with targeting events related to possession
# Fixed lighting issues with spectral blocks, they no longer emit light but always appear bright
# Fixed clairvoyance particles not moving correctly
# Fixed some typos in the lang files

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