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Eldritch Mobs


A Fabric port of Infernal Mobs that randomly makes the mobs of your Minecraft world more challenging and rewarding to kill. 






Mob Categories


  • 0.01 chance to spawn
  • 2-4 abilities
  • 4x health
  • 4x XP drop


  • 0.001 chance to spawn
  • 5-8 abilities
  • 6x health
  • 6x XP drop


  • 0.0001 chance to spawn
  • 9-12 abilities
  • 8x health
  • 8x XP drop


  • Alchemist: throws potions of harming
  • Berserk: increased melee damage and increased damage taken
  • Yeeter: melee attacks launch victim into the air
  • Blinding: temporarily blinds target
  • Burning: sets target on fire
  • Cloaked: provides invisibility
  • Deflector: all projectiles rebound off the mob
  • Draining: afflicts the target with mining fatigue
  • Duplicator: mob will occasionally create a clone of itself
  • Ender: mob will teleport to dodge projectiles
  • Ghastly: shoots ghast fireballs at target
  • Gravity: pulls target towards the mob
  • Lethargic: afflicts target with slowness
  • Lifesteal: restores health based on the amount of damage dealt to target
  • Undying: heals back up to full health once after dropping below half health
  • Regen: passively heals over time
  • Rust: inflicts severe durability damage to the target's armor
  • Speedster: provides permanent speed 3
  • Sprinter: provides mob with occasional bursts of speed 5
  • Starving: afflicts the target with hunger
  • Stormy: summons lightning to smite the target
  • Thorny: deals return damage to an attacker
  • Toxic: afflicts attacker with poison 2
  • Weakness: afflicts target with weakness
  • Webslinging: ensnares target in a cobweb
  • Withering: afflicts the target with wither

Soothing Lantern


A light block crafted using a sea lantern, gold ingots, and emeralds that prevents buffed mobs from spawning in a chunk when activated with redstone.



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