Eldritch End is an end expansion mod inspired from H.P. Lovecraft's work.

It aims to bring the lovecraftian universe to the end, while being original.

Adding new biomes, tons of blocks and items, horrible aberrations to fight, its own corruption mechanic, and more.


It is also inspired from the World of Warcraft's Visions of N'zoth update.


The Biomes

From the desolated Hasturian Wastes, to the corrupted Primordial Abyss, delve yourself into eerie and dangerous biomes, but beware of the monsters. Tons of new biomes coming soon!



Everything is configurable Adjust the mod to fit your modpack perfectly. We aim to make everything configurable, including every detail. Feel free to request configs for features that aren't yet! 



The current release of this mod is on beta. Early access releases will be available for Ko-fi supporters, including the first bosses, Hastur, The King In Yellow and The Faceless One.