El Huevo (Fabric)

1,629 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 9, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

El Huevo (Egg Dog)


Spawns in snowy biomes, by villages - can be tamed and fed with eggs (but not bred) - will follow the player or be instructed to sit - also can be given custom clothing and costumes by using a dye on them



Planned Features:

When fed another egg, it gets an egg charge (visualized w particle effects). This can: - shoot an egg shield at any mob that the player attacks (or if it attacks the player?) to trap and immobilize it. The mob won't break out unless it takes damage but can still be moved by water streams, pistons, falling slowly, etc - good for capturing hostiles, preventing them from burning or despawning, etc. - give the player a temporary egg shield after the player pats it - egg shield absorbs some amount of damage before breaking - cover itself in an egg shield to defend itself if it's attacked or on low health


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