Effortless Building

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Filename effortlessbuilding-1.12.2-2.13.jar
Uploaded by Requioss
Uploaded Jul 8, 2019
Game Version Forge
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MD5 37549c2b3fce5f1fa144dea12ddc7740
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Fixed issue #23: dank/null compat only uses one block at a time regardless of how many are placed.

Fixed issue #43: Duplicating blocks in survival (undo/redo not working in normal mode).

Fixed issue #45: Can't break blocks in survival mode if breakFar=false.

Fixed QuickReplace in normal mode not placing any blocks.

Fixed blockstates sometimes changing on undo/redo.

Now clearing UndoRedo stacks on clientside when changing dimension or logging out.

Breaking mirror/array in survival is now possible again.

Breaking blocks in survival in any buildmode is now possible (previously only in normal mode unless instabreaking was enabled). Still with limited (vanilla) reach.