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Effective - Changelog::


Effective 1.6 - 1.19.2

  • Added a screen shake effect for:
    • Wardens roaring
    • Wardens using their sonic boom attack
    • Ravagers roaring after being stunned
    • The Ender Dragon's long roar when perched
  • Added four new config options to disable each screen shake trigger individually
  • Removed the need for waterfalls to be visible by the player in order to play sound
  • Added Ukrainian translation, thanks to ttrafford7 and V972!
  • Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation, thanks to FITFC!

Effective 1.5 - 1.19.2

  • Added Allay trails
    • Allay will now leave a colored trail and twinkles when flying around, inspired from the Minecraft Legends announce trailer
    • Allay trails can be disabled and trail twinkle density can be configured
  • Added golden Allays
    • Allays now have a 50% chance of being a golden variant, also inspired from the Minecraft Legends announce trailer
    • Can be disabled in the configuration

Effective 1.4.1 - 1.19.2

  • Added glowing plankton waterfall clouds in warm oceans at night
  • Fixed splash rims looking incorrectly with Sodium
  • Waterfalls no longer play sound if the player cannot see them
  • Now includes Satin API
  • Migrated the mod to Quilt

Effective 1.4 - 1.19.2

  • Hypnotizing glow squids
    • Glow squids can now hypnotize you, displaying a hypnotizing shader that gradually gets stronger the longer you look at them
    • Glow squids will attract your cursor if they appear on your screen, this attraction getting stronger with the shader
    • Both cursor attraction and hypnotizing can be disabled with two new configuration options
  • Glow squids named "jeb_" now glow rainbow and have a rainbow hypnotizing pattern
  • Splashes and ripples (from rain or splashes) in warm oceans at night will now glow from glowing plankton
    • Glowing plankton can be disabled with a new configuration option

Effective 1.3 - 1.19.2

  • Overhauled splashes:
    • Splashes will now be colored depending on the water they originate from
    • Reworked the splash texture to be more fitting with the vanilla Minecraft aesthetic
    • Added a config option to adjust the transparency of the splashes' white rim
  • Added ripples on water when it's raining
    • Ripple density can be adjusted or disabled in the config
  • Added a config option to control the density or remove flowing water splashing particles
  • Added two new config options to adjust cascade sounds volume and distance
  • Fixed splashes sometimes being completely black (thanks to lonefelidae16)
  • Fixed occasional crashes that could happen randomly (thanks to lonefelidae16)
  • Widened the logic to fix splashes sometimes not appearing as well as now taking into account waterlogged blocks (like kelp or seagrass) and not just water source blocks
  • Fishing bobbers no longer produce splashes or droplet particles
  • Changed config library from Cloth Config to MidnightLib
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.19.2

Effective 1.2.2 - 1.19

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.19

Effective 1.2.1 - 1.18.2

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.18.2

Effective 1.2 - 1.18.1

Massive thanks to MoriyaShiine for most of these additions and changes! - Lapis lazuli block updates (piston moved, placed, broken...) connected to a flowing water block now cause connected flowing water blocks to spawn waterfall particles - Updating flowing water blocks now spawns waterfall particles - Completely remade waterfall sounds to be more distinct from rain sound effects and improve background ambience in areas with cascades - Added different configuration options and mod menu compatibility to easily access these options - Increased cascade particle generation distance - Massively improved performance and waterfall calculations - Massively improved performance with dynamic audio mods such as Sound Physics Remastered - Fixed concurrent modification crashes

Effective 1.1.1 - 1.18.1

  • Fixed the first wave of splash particles being inverted
  • Made waterfall sound effects quieter yet still present far away from them
  • Removed lava splashes for now, as they were causing more issues than adding to the ambience
  • Removed cascades appearing underwater when no air is present

Effective 1.1 - 1.18.1

  • Added two settings to enable or disable splashes and cascade effects available in the config file of your Minecraft instance config folder, thanks to devpelux
  • Implemented various optimizations and performance fixes, thanks to Sollace
  • Fixed the cascade sounds playing too many times resulting in them being louder than they are supposed to be, thanks to Sollace
  • Fixed Canvas and Sodium cascade incompatibilities, thanks to spiralhalo
  • Added russian subtitles, thanks to Felix14-v2

Effective 1.0 - 1.18

Initial release with water splashes, lava splashes and cascade effects.

see full changelog here

see full changelog here

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