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Ecospherical Depths is a mod which completely overhauls the overworld to provide a brand new take on the cave world type that was removed in a recent version of Minecraft. 
Furthermore, the biome generation is three dimensional meaning that some large caverns may have one biome on the floor and another on the ceiling which creates some very nice variation.


!!! OUTDATED: Use the Lithospherical preset in Ecospherical Expansion instead of this mod. Note: That is only available in 1.20.x. !!!

IMPORTANT: If you attempt to use this mod alongside a mod that alters the terrain generation of the overworld such as Terraforged or Terrablender, you MUST download Dimensional Depths instead of Ecospherical Depths. Dimensional Depths is a version of this mod that does not replace the overworld, but instead creates it's own dimension. You can download Dimensional Depths from this link: Dimensional Depths - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

Currently implemented biomes include: 
Geodeial Cavity, Molten Cavity, Lush Cavity, Frozen Cavity, Deep Cavity, Tropical Cavity, Submerged Cavity, Glacial Cavity, and Dripping Cavity.

Compatability may vary with mods that add structures, features, & mobs to the overworld depending on how they add them.
Mod's adding similar features which have been tested and confirmed to be compatible include:
Alex's Mobs, Galosphere, The Wild Backport (Dimensional Depths Only), Darker Depths, Quark, Create, & Create: Molten Geodes.

Discord: https://discord.gg/uWjKpHwq5W
This mod may be used in any modpack.

A fabric port is not planned.