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Welcome to the curse project page of the mod Economy Inc. ! You can find all the infos and downloads here ! If you have any questions feel free to ask down below in the comment sections. For bug report, pull request, idea in general. Please use the github feature > HERE < . If you have any problems, questions etc that can't be solve by github or by the comments here is the email adress : . For modpacks, you are of course allowed to use it in the pack. However redistribution, selling, modifying the mod without any written consent from the author is not authorized as written in the terms and conditions that can be found in the mod itself or here.








Different bills, they can't be craft. 







The credit card is your way to access your money safely, and rapidly. However, in order to access your account you must first create the card at your name. By shift-right clicking the card, it will be yours (highlighted as enchant effect). Accessing your card is now easy, you just click at an ATM and you'll access your card. You can retrieve money by clicking on the several "-amount" buttons to get what you need. Adding money to your account is also possible by clicking the "+amount" buttons. 






Like other mods, economy inc has its own gears. It helps in the creation of the gear mechanism, the vault, the wrench, the microchip, the changer, etc.






In the Economy mod the way to achieve money can be enabled by the admin of your server, or by yourself, smelting gold ingot will provide you a pure gold nugget that has a certain weight, by providing your credit card and the gold nugget you got in the block changer you can exchange that gold nugget for money directly added to your credit card. Note that it depends on the admins  of your server that determine the gold nugget exchange rate.







The wrench is a useful tool that allows owners of certains blocks (vaults, sellers, bills block) to destroy those blocks to recover them.











The block vault is indestructible, it belongs to the owner of the one who placed it. In multiplayer you can add up to 5 other friends that can access that safe. It's the size of a regular chest. However by placing 4 block vault (2 on the bottom and 2 on top) you will create a vault that is larger and can contain a lot more. 











The seller block, is used to sell objects. You can create one and by placing it, it belongs to you only. It's a safe way to sell things to other players without having to handle money  exchange. It also shows you what the person is selling, when you hover the seller block (if the owner created it). If the seller is empty, it will show the barrier item. (Preview can be    disabled in the config file for low pc configurations).










The changer block, is the block that allows you (if enabled by the admin), to exchange the gold nugget into money. Only one person can access it at a time, and it can't be destroy while in use. 











This block allows you to store bills in a prettier way that in a safe. Only you can add money to it (64 max) and destroy it with the wrench.






You can fin all the crafts for all the items, in the recipe book of the crafting table ! 




With this mod, you also get a new way of building in proper zones. Admins can create plots by using the command : 


/plot create firstX firstY firstZ lastX lastY lastZ nameOfThePlot price


It will create a zone that only the owner of the plot can build in. Careful when you create the plot it destroy the first layer, the Y coordinates you put. Also the Y can be the same as it take the whole area from bedrock to sky limit (256).  


Players can buy the plot with the command 


/plotbuy buy nameOfThePlot 


However they will need the credit card wireless technology to buy it. 


If you need as an admin to remove a plot, you can use the command 


/plot remove nameOfThePlot


Commands for admins also exist and ease their administration. You can use the command 


/balance add player amount 


To add funds to the player.


/balance remove player amount 


To remove funds from the player.


/balance check player


To check the current balance of that player.




Thanks for all the people contributing to the mod by any means! Translations, bug report and more !