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Ever thought the bland Vanilla biomes could use an update? Ecologics aims to improve various Vanilla biomes by adding fun new mobs, blocks, and more, all while staying completely true to the Vanilla style.

🏝 The Coastal Update

  • The beach biome now contains lush Coconut Trees! Watch your head because fully grown coconuts may fall down on you!
  • While some coconuts fall and break into food, sometimes a Coconut Crab will pop out from inside! Don't let their size fool you, as the coconut shell on these crustaceans can withstand multiple strong hits. These creatures will fight back if you try to attack them, but if you break their shell, they will scurry away in fear! They can drop crab claws, which can be cooked into food or used as shears.
  • Fully grown coconuts drop 2 coconut slices, which can be eaten to remove all effects from the player like milk. After eating a coconut slice, you are left with the coconut husk, which can be used as a bowl in recipes or composted. 
  • You will now find Seashells scattered along the shore. These shells can be used to craft the small (yet mighty) Sandcastle!
  • Sandcastles can be placed on top of turtle eggs to hide them from zombies and other mobs! And yes, the eggs will still continue to hatch when inside the sandcastle.
  • A new tropical-themed music disc can be found in buried treasure! 

🌵 The Desert Update

  • Deserts now have Camels! They can be tamed and ridden by up to 2 players at once, and they can be right clicked with a chest for some extra storage. They can be fed dead bushes and cacti, and they are bred using Prickly Pears. 
  • Prickly Pear plants now sprout on top of fully-grown cacti! Eating this fruit raw will slightly damage you, but you can avoid this by cooking them. 
  • Pots spawn inside of new desert ruins with loot inside! Pots can hold up to 9 individual items, but the only way to see or obtain them is to break the pot. Pots can be chiseled by shift + right-clicking them with a pickaxe, cycling through various designs. Attaching a comparator to a pot will emit a redstone signal equal to the amount of items inside, and pots also emit a 1-tick signal each time you put an item inside. 
  • New Desert Ruins structures will now spawn around the desert! 

❄️ The Snowy Update

  • Snowy and icy biomes now contain Penguins! Penguins spawn in huddles, and being near a huddle of at least 4 penguins grants you a regeneration effect. Penguins will hunt fish and pick up the item, which they will eat. You can breed them with fish and the penguin will keep the egg by its feet, which will eventually hatch. 
  • When baby penguins grow into an adult, they will shed their feathers as an item, which can be used to brew a Potion of Sliding! This effect will make you slide on all blocks as if they were ice. 
  • Watch your step in icy biomes because patches of Thin Ice are now scattered around! Jumping on thin ice will cause it to crack, and standing on cracked thin ice will break it and drop you into the water below.
  • Build chilly creations with new Snow Bricks and Ice Bricks!

🌳 The Plains Update

  • The Plains biome now has its own unique tree - Walnut Trees! Walnut leaves drop walnuts, which can be eaten.
  • Squirrels will now spawn in the Plains biome! Squirrels can be fed walnuts to make them trust the player. If a Squirrel is trusting, they will pick up sapling items and plant them nearby. Squirrels can be bred with honeycomb if they are trusting.
  • The plains biome is still the empty field you know and love, just with a few minor additions to enliven the area.

🌸 The Lush Caves Update

  • New Azalea logs and Flowering Azalea logs, which replace the oak wood on the vanilla azalea tree. They can be crafted into planks, which are used to craft the other wood decoration blocks. It matches perfectly with the moss and lush cave biome.
  • A beautiful Azalea flower, which can be obtained by using shears on flowering azalea leaves, bushes, or logs.
  • Moss Carpet is now stackable like snow layers
  • The surfaces of lush caves are now decorated with Surface Moss, a new item that can be placed on the sides of blocks up to 3 times, increasing the amount of moss on that surface with each layer.
  • All of this content has been moved here from my other mod Better Azalea, as it fits the theme of Ecologics and will be easier to update. 

✅ Mod Compatibility? Config?

  • We are partnered with the mod Every Compat, which automatically adds compatibility for the wood types in Ecologics! It lets you craft the blocks from Quark, Decorative Blocks, Architects Palette, Macaw's Mods, Another Furniture, and many more popular mods!
  • On Fabric, we have integration with Mod Menu for the config file. On Forge 1.18, we use a standard config file for everything. However, on Forge 1.19, you need to use datapacks to configure most things because Forge changed their biome modification system. If you are unfamiliar with configuring datapacks, here is a simple wiki article explaining how:

🔄 1.16.5 Backport?:

Forge recently announced that they will no longer support 1.16.5 and the oldest version that they will support is 1.18.2. Therefore, I will not be supporting an outdated version. If someone would like to volunteer to complete and maintain a backport, they can message me privately for permission. You may not backport this mod without my explicit permission, per the mod's licenses.