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Welcome to Ecofriendly, a mod made by Redkoopa & Coda!
This mod was apart of the Sustainability Project Mod-jam by CurseCorge X MCreator

ATTENTION: This mod is no longer being worked on!

This mod adds pollution, ecofriendly alternatives to less ecofriendly resources, animals & mobs to showcase and serve for utility & conservation awareness. We hope we can spread awareness to people from anything from feeding cows kelp can reduce global methane emissions to how marine bacterium can help break down crude oil!

Pollution such as entangled nets, oil spills, trash on beaches & forests are a few hazards that appear in the overworld. You can use things like Sorbent Oil Floaters &/or Marine Bacterium to clean oil spills, shears to shear apart nets, and your own two fists to clean up discarded human waste. Players can use tossed items and recycle them for new uses and items such as: iron cans can be smelted to make iron, plastic bags can be used to craft shredded plastic & reusable carrier bags, cartons for shredded plastic & can be milked with goats and cows to get cartons of milk & glass bottles to craft glass & stained sea glass.

To prevent slipping on oil spills try getting the enchantment "Slip Proof" on your boots. It can even be combined with depth strider!

Sorbent Oil Floaters cleaning up an oil spill really sped up

More eco-friendly alternative items to less ecofriendly items like leather, wood, and sand. Such as Mushskin used as a new form of leather made from brown mushrooms, Shredded Plastic which can be used to make concrete powder & recycled plastic planks which even include things like doors and fences!
Vertical Gardens are a new form of farming which can be done by making vertical garden boxes & vertical seedlings of various crops. Wheat, Carrots, Potatos, Beets, & Bilberries can be used on vertical gardens. No water is required either since infinite water source is inside the block.
Though not as ecofriendly, bottles of oil can be distilled into recycled distilled oil through a oil distiller. These can be used as feul and can last as long as blocks of coal can.

Distilling Bottles of Oil
Distilling bottles of oil

The more sustainable alternative is byproduct created from marine bacterium. Marine bacterium is a mob that can be crafted with either seagrass, kelp or sea pickles and a bucket. Placing one in a oil spill instantly breaks down the oil spills and produces bacteria byproduct. This byproduct can be brewed in a brewing stand to make bottles of bacteria biofeul which works nearly as well as distilled oil & blocks of coal!

Marine Bacteria breaking down oils, producing byproduct & following the player holding byproduct.

Mobs include both real life species and fictional mobs.
Kelpalos: A kelp coated cow which can be found on beaches. Its basically a normal cow and has the ability to be fed Kelp with a chance it will drop sucrose sponges. (A block used to craft oil floaters.)

Isopods: A peacefull animal that spawns in varying biomes with species varying depending on what specific biomes it spawns in. Isopods have the ability to eat crops and operate as living bone meal. Building a isopod feeder and putting Isopod feed into it you can automate a isopod farm to occasionally bone meal crops for you.

Vaquitas & Totoaba: A critically endangered mobs, vaquitas & totoaba spawn in lukewarm and tropical oceans. Both species are susceptible to getting stuck in entangled nets which can kill them. Totoaba can also drop swim bladders which are useless.

Clouded Leopard: An ambient mob found in Jungles, Clouded Leopards are vulnerable in the wild. They are a peaceful mob and ignore players.

Pollutioner: A casually dressed illager, pollutioners spawn on beaches & forests. They will attack villagers and players alike by throwing cans at you. They have chances to drop iron cans, cartons & a rare chance to drop a music disc "Pollutants of the world" as well as a preppy looking novelty soda hat!

Recyclllager: A unique type of villager, recycllagers will spawn on beaches occasionally. If you collect tons of cans, bottles, plastic bags, and cartons you can cash in 8 of the same item in for a emerald!

Mata Mata: A unique turtle added in V1.0.5. Mata matas tend to stick to the water's floor in Swamps and Jungles. They will also hunt and ambush fish.

Polluttor King: A giant boss made up of garbage and oil, Polluttor King can be found in Abandoned Oil Rig Islands, found inside of a Hazardous Oil Drum. He has a melee and ranged attack phase, and is also able to summon Droning Drums and Oil Zombies. When killed, he can drop a new music disc, and enchanted golden apples. Just don't let him near any villagers or vaquita dolphins. He was added to the V1.0.5 update.

Droning Drum: One of Polluttor King's goons, a droning drum is a flying hostile mob made of a sentient flaming oil drum with a propeller. They will charge at the player and will explode when killed. Something that can be exploited in boss fights against Polluttor King.

Oil Zombies: A new zombie variant found on beaches and is a goon of Polluttor King. They are faster than normal zombies but are weaker. They are also immune to the slipping effects of oil.

More content is in store for you with Ecofriendly! More information can be found in screenshots!

Main developer & Artist: Redkoopa
Idea Consultant, Original Pitch Owner, & Artist Contributor : Coda
Music Composer for the track "Pollutants of the World" Mr. Esuoh
Check out Mr. Esuoh's Spotify here!
Link to my project discord here!

Kelpalos are directly inspired by new discoveries of seagrass used to reduce cow's methane outreach as well as the North Ronaldsay Sheep which live along coasts eating kelp & seaweed!

Mush skin are based on real life Mushroom Leather & Muskin which is used mostly in fashion and is a ecofriendly version of leather
Sea Glass is a real thing that is tossed glass items like bottles found on beach or coastline that waves will break down into sea glass.

Entangled Nets are based on gill nets that threaten vaquita & totoaba and real life entangled nets many marine animals get entangled in.

Bacteria may be the future of cleaning up oil spills and even cleaning up plastics in the ocean!

Vertical garden boxes were based on recent innovations in urban areas using vertical farming and techniques such as hydroponics. It's still in it's infancy though potential to counter-reacting current agriculture soil erosion

Sorbent Oil Floaters are based on cellulose sponges used to cleaning dishes & hair mats made from donated hair to clean up oil spills.

Isopods being able to work as living bonemeal is based on the importance of detritivores which can break down waste. Isopods & bugs can produce a substance called frass which acts like fertilizer. (think worm composters) Detritivores are also a secret key to overall wellness in a ecosystem and trophic ecology